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Published on December 2, 2007

Author: Beatever



Learn to look at the key metrics for your email campaign

Email Metrics that matter Béate Vervaecke | e-Zen © e-Zen

Online marketing and communication Specialized in:  Email  AdWords – Google Qualified Individual  Metrics © e-Zen

1. Conversion © e-Zen

Why is conversion important? Reason why you send emails Calculate ROI © e-Zen

What are conversions? Sales Traffic to website Download Fill in a form … © e-Zen

How do we measure conversions? Offline Distinct email address, telephone number, person to ask for, code to mention, … Online Web analytics  Tag the links in your e-mails  Analyze funnels, conversion, behavior © e-Zen

Benchmarks? ? © e-Zen

In case of emergency? Conversion chain: Relation between webpage and e-mail? Smooth ordering process? Briefing salesteam, contact center, … © e-Zen

2. Clickthrough © e-Zen

Why is clickthrough important? Relevancy of the message and offer Attractiveness of the message:  Lay-out renders correctly  Lay-out is attractive  Call-to-actions are prominent © e-Zen

How do we measure clicks? Redirect through emailplatform Unique id per email People can click without having opened © e-Zen

Benchmarks? Unique clicks / sent 3-7% Unique clicks / unique opens 15%-30% Other definitions:  Unique clicks / delivered Beware!  Uniques % © e-Zen

Benchmarks? Sent 1.000 Beware of percentages! Soft bounce 30 Hard bounce 80 % = numerator / denominator Unique opens 180 Total opens 220 Unique clicks 50 Total clicks 70 =(50)/(1000) 5% Unique clicks / total sent =(50)/(1000-30-80) 6% Unique clicks / total delivered =(50)/(180) 28% Unique clicks / unique opened © e-Zen

Benchmarks? BEWARE • Industry • Commercial or newsletter • Segmentation © e-Zen

In case of emergency Relevant offer? Rendering ok? Links are working? Links in text and image? © e-Zen

Smart use Clicks / domain? Learn about best clicking links Clicks on link ‘online version’ Clicks from non opened emails Clickers versus sent:  Core of clickers?  Dispersed clickers?  Longtime non-clickers? © e-Zen

3. Delivery rate / bouncerate © e-Zen

Why is delivery/bounce rate important? Indication of  Email perceived as SPAM?  Up-to-date database? © e-Zen

What are bounces? Emails that could not be delivered  Temporary: soft bounce • Inbox full / Out of office / Server error / …  Permanent: hard bounce • Illegal user: user doesn’t exist • Bad domain: domain doesn’t exist • SPAM •… © e-Zen

How is delivery rate calculated? No standards for bounce categories Depending on implementation by the ISP Unique bounces Bounce rate: Sent emails (Sent emails - unique bounces) Delivery rate: Sent emails © e-Zen

Beware Send emails send Bounced 1 Internet Service Providers Absorbed Spam complaint or whitelist SPAM folder 2 E-mail client Inbox © e-Zen

Benchmarks ± 8% soft and hard © e-Zen

In case of emergency Contact ISP that blocks Clean up database Remove non active receivers © e-Zen

4. Open rate © e-Zen

Why is ‘open’ important? Trust in From Attractiveness of Subject Beware! © e-Zen

What is an ‘open’? ‘transparant pixel’ Html emails only Blocked images © e-Zen

Not opened © e-Zen

Not opened © e-Zen

Opened © e-Zen

Not opened © e-Zen

How is it calculated? % Unique Denominator? Unique opened Unique opened Delivered emails Sent emails © e-Zen

In case of emergency? What’s in the FROM? What’s in the SUBJECT? Image blocking on the rise  => openrates are declining © e-Zen

Smart use Open rates per domain  Reveals deliverability / rendering problems Openers versus sent:  Core of openers?  Dispersed openers?  Longtime non openers? Compare open rates over time: indication for attractiveness SUBJECT © e-Zen

Benchmarks for opens? ESP 1 (unique open / delivered) BtB 35% - 65% BtC 10% - 38% ESP 2 (unique open / delivered) BtB ± 27% BtC ± 33% © e-Zen

Better open rates for BtoB Recent email addresses Smaller databases © e-Zen

Unsubscribes and virals 0,5 % Most just delete Virals  Forward through webinterface  Measure different IP’s that open the same email © e-Zen

Trends Integration with webanalytics Integrate info about open / click in CRM- system © e-Zen

More information? IAB Cookbook © e-Zen

Thank you! © e-Zen

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