Email Marketing - Go Green: Recycle Email Replies Into Revenue

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Information about Email Marketing - Go Green: Recycle Email Replies Into Revenue

Published on September 28, 2016

Author: LeadGnome


1. You just sent out a marketing email campaign. And now you’re weeding through Out Of Office and other auto-replies clogging up your inbox. You quickly scroll through, looking for any "real" replies, then do a mass delete. If this scenario sounds familiar, you could be trashing thousands of dollars in revenue! GO GREEN. RECYCLE THOSE CAMPAIGN REPLY EMAILS INSTEAD! They contain golden nuggets of Account Based Intelligence (ABI), like trigger events, phone numbers, titles, when your lead will be back in the office, and even referral contacts that you can use to expand your reach into target accounts -- and ultimately drive more revenue! Marketing sends an email campaign to its database. Campaign reply emails come back: • Out of Office • Left the Company • Change of title or position • Unsubscribe request Instead of trashing those replies, recycle them for valuable ABI! • Trigger events • New contacts • Updated information on existing leads • Scheduling opportunities Existing Leads: Append and cleanse your existing leads with newly gathered information. Then send more targeted, personalized messaging with each new email campaign! New Generated Contacts: Reach out to these new people and build rapport - remember that Gartner says you need 7 people within each account to close a deal. Trigger Events: Leverage these gems to beat your competition and uncover new deals. With a win rate of 74%, these trigger events are good as gold. | RECYCLE REPLIES INTO REVENUE GO GREEN! $ LeadGnome works seamlessly in the background to mine Account Based Intelligence in a matter of minutes, and integrates with popular Marketing Automation & CRM platforms to perform the following important tasks: • Updates existing lead/ contact records with fresh information • Adds net new lead/contact records • Lead to account matching • Sets calendar alert for lead/contact owner to call lead/contact after they return to the office LeadGnome’s Account Based Intelligence Drives Revenue:

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