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Information about Email Marketing - From Best Practices to Best Results - Gina Nykerk

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: BrandAidConference



Presented at the 2014 Brand+Aid Marketing and Social Media Conference

From Best Practices to Best Results: Create Lasting, Sustainable & Engaging Email Marketing Programs Hello,  Brand-­‐Aid!     Thank  you  for  being  here.  You  look  lovely  today.   Presented  by   Gina  Nykerk  |  @ginanykerk    

Email is a powerhouse!!  Email  brought  in  an  es5mated  $39.40  for  every  dollar  spent  in  2012,  and  is          predicted  to  bring  $35.02  for  every  dollar  spent  in  2016.                                                                                                        –  Email  Marke?ng  Reports  eMarketer  expects  there  to  be  216.6  million  US  email  users  this  year,  represen5ng   89%  of  total  internet  users.  Two  out  of  three  people  in  the  US  will  be  email  users  in   2013.                                      -­‐eMarketer  "US  Internet  Users  2013:  Solid,  Saturated  Market  for  Web,  Search  and  Email"  (2013)          55%  of  marke5ng  professionals  agree  email  marke5ng  is  the  most  effec5ve      marke5ng  tac5c.                                              -­‐  Ascend2  "Marke5ng  Strategy  Report"  (2013)     54%  of  respondents  in  a  consumer  survey  said  they  had  a  more  favorable  opinion   of  the  companies  that  send  them  email.                                                                                                          -­‐  Epsilon  (Oct  2008)  

Email can be discouraging “Nearly  a  third  of  survey   respondents  (32%)  said  they   have  stopped  doing  business             with  at  least  one  company   altogether  as  a  result  of  it’s  poor   email  prac5ces.”   “Subscribers  who  receive  promo5onal   permission-­‐based  email  es5mate  that   they  delete  55%  without  opening.”       -­‐  Merkle  (2009),                                      -­‐  (2013)  

Meanwhile, you’re dealing with all this: “Tablets  generate  far  more  clicks   than  smartphones,  study  finds”            -­‐  Smartbrief            

So, How do we create lasting, sustainable & engaging Email Marketing Programs? Through  knowing  &  evalua5ng  our  internal  situa5on,  understanding  our   external  environment,  and  adap5ng  accordingly.    

Internally: Three words: Annual Email Audit Time  to  evaluate  preby  much  everything  

Three words: Annual Email Audit An  audit  should  be  taking  into  account  4  general  topics:   1.  Email  Strategy     2.  Email  Infrastructure   3.  Email  Prac5ces   4.  Data  Security    

Three words: Annual Email Audit When  evalua8ng  your  Email  Strategy:   1.  Start  by  reviewing  your  goals  from  the  year  so  you  are  familiar  with   them.   2.  Are  there  any    goals  you  can  immediately  check  off  the  list?     3.  If  you  weren’t  able  to  execute  your  strategy,  why  not?  Goals  too   lofy?  Not  the  proper  man-­‐power?  Strategy  not  supported  by   decision  makers/those-­‐you-­‐serve?  Wrong  email  service  to  make  it   easy  to  execute?  Did  you  make  the  plan  without  considering  what   your  audience  wants?   4.  If  you  were  able  to  execute  your  email  strategy,  why?  How  can  you   replicate  that  for  2014?  

Three words: Annual Email Audit Email  Infrastructure:  Time  to  evaluate  your  ESP:       How  is  my  delivery  rate  in  this  system?     Have  I/my  team  had  to  use  customer  support  this  year?  If  so,  why?   How  ofen?  Have  they  been  able  to  resolve  our  issue(s)?     Am  I  able  to  accurately  represent  my  brand  in  this  provider?     How  are  they  handling  emails  in  the  mobile  space?     How  are  they  handling  segmenta5on  and  autoresponders?     What  new  features  have  they  released?  Have  they  been  helpful  to   me?  Will  I  have  an  opportunity  to  use  them  in  the  future?     Have  they  allowed  me  to  integrate  with  other  complimentary   services?     Is  the  pricing  s5ll  efficient  for  my  budget?  

Three words: Annual Email Audit When  evalua8ng  your  Email  Prac8ces  be  prepared  to  methodically  dig   through  your  data.     Review  at  least  50%  -­‐  if  not  100%  -­‐  of  the  emails  you  sent  in  2013.     Watch  for  trends  rela5ng  to  engagement.  Specifically,  how  did  the     following  affect  your  open/click-­‐through  rates?   Length  and  specificity  in  subject  lines   Use  of  Images   Use  of  segmenta5on   Use  of  Call  to  Ac5on  –  size,  quan5ty,  placement,  text  vs  graphic   Varying  lengths  of  content   Varying  topics  of  content   Frequency  of  email  send  

Three words: Annual Email Audit Data  Security:   Has  your  email  service  or  marke5ng  automa5on  provider  had  any   security  breaches/issues  in  the  last  12  months?  If  so,  did  it  affect  you?   How  was  it  handled?   Is  data  handled  outside  of  ESP  provided  sign-­‐up/registra5on  forms?  If   so,  how  quickly  is  it  entered  into  the  system?  How  many  hands  does  it   pass  through,  first?  Is  there  any  way  to  alleviate  this  poten5al  hazard?  

Three words: Annual Email Audit Lastly:   Is  there  any  data  outside  of  my  email  provider  that  should  come  into     play?   Did  you  (or  someone  else  in  your  organiza5on)  do  a  member/user     survey?   What  other  marke5ng  tac5cs  were  used  during  this  5me.  Were  they     complimentary  –  were  they  driving  people  to  email,  or  visa  versa?  

Externally: Annual Email Environment Audit Time  to  evaluate  preby  much  everything  

Q:  What  new   developments  will   affect  your  email   marke?ng  program  in   the  next  12  months?   Please  select  all  that   apply.     This  is  what  we’re   concerned  about   as  marketers  –   within  our   industry.  What   about  outside  of   our  industry?   In 2013:          

What’s  your   compe55on   doing?     Differen5a5ng  Yourself  from  Your  Compe5tors  

What’s  going  on  in  the   world  of  your  target   market/client?  

Q:  What  new   developments  will   affect  your  email   marke?ng  program  in   the  next  12  months?   Please  select  all  that   apply.     There  is  much  to   evaluate  externally,   but  let’s  focus  now  on   the  few  priority  items   –  mobile  &  social  -­‐  that   affect  how/what  we’re   doing  with  our  email   strategy   In 2013:          

Adaptation: Mobile In  2012,  40%  of  emails  were  read  on  a  mobile  device,  compared  with   35%  on  a  desktop.        -­‐  Informz  “2013  Associa?on  Email  Marke?ng  Benchmark  Report,  Part  I:  Key  Metrics"  (2013)   Almost  85%  of  respondents  own  a  mobile  device  such  as  a  smart  phone   that  is  enabled  to  receive  email,  up  8%  from  2012.          -­‐  BlueHornet  "2013  Consumer  Views  of  Email  Marke?ng"  (2013)  

Adaptation: Mobile Email  is  the  top  reported  ac5vity  on  smart  phones,  bea5ng  out  even  the   act  of  making  phone  calls   Sta?s?c:  Adobe  2013  Digital  Publishing  Report:  Retail  Apps  &  Buying  Habits.  Graphic:  Emma  Email  Marke?ng  

Adaptation: Mobile Just  8  months  ago,   there  was  a  lot  of   mixed  opinion  on   Responsive  Design   technology  

Adaptation: Mobile This  is  a  mobile-­‐ op5mized  email   Did  you  know?  "Mobile-­‐op5mized"  means  design  choices  have  been   made  for  easier  viewing  on  small  screens.  "Responsive"  means  special   code  called  media  queries  have  been  added  to  show,  hide  or  move   content  automa?cally  depending  on  screen  size  and  resolu5on.  

This  is  a   responsive   design  email   80.3%  of  consumers  delete  an   email  on  their  mobile  phone  if   it  doesn't  look  good,  up  from   69.7%  in  2012.  30.2%  said  they   would  unsubscribe.                  -­‐   BlueHornet  "2013  Consumer  Views  of  Email   Marke5ng"  (2013)  

Adaptation: Mobile 1.  A  single-­‐column  layouts  work  best.   2.  Design  for  touch!  Bubons  and  text  links  should  have  a   clickable  area  of  at  least  44×44  pixels  for  “thumb-­‐sized”  clicks.   3.  Body  copy  should  be  a  minimum  of  14px  and  headlines   should  be  a  minimum  of  22px  (or  should  adjust  to  these  sizes   for  mobile  users)  per  Apple  guidelines   4.  Keep  subject  lines  shorter:  the  longer  the  subject  line,  the   lower  your  email  content  is  pushed  on  an  Android  device.  Aim   for  25  characters  if  possible.   5.  Keep  your  message  and  call-­‐to-­‐ac5on  concise  and  posi5on   in  the  upper  lef  corner  of  the  email.  This  way,  even  devices   that  don’t  support  responsive  email  design  can  s5ll  show  the   most  important  part  of  the  message.                                          *Courtesy  emfluence  emsights  

Adaptation: Mobile We  talk  all  the  5me  about  subject  lines,  but  how  is  your  pre-­‐header?     “30%  Off  plus  Free  Shipping!”   “Missing  out  on  great   deals?  Move  this  email  to   Primary  &  Click  Yes”  

Adaptation: Mobile Pre-­‐header:  “50%  Off   Everything!”   “If  you  are  having  trouble   viewing  the  email,  click  here.”   “ATTENTION  GMAIL   USERS!  Please  click  the   (yellow  tab)  above  to   ensure  you  see  our  latest   offers”   “SHARE  with  friends  on   Facebook”   “SHOP  MOBILE”  

Adaptation: Mobile If  you  haven’t  already,  in  the  next  12  mo:        Achieve  a  firm  understanding  of  how  much  of  your  traffic  occurs  on   mobile  devices      Work  with  customers  to  understand  if  and  how  they  would  like  to   consume  your  email  and  content  on  mobile  devices      Engage  in  a  few  basic  mobile  op5miza5on  tac5cs,  such  as  ensuring   each  email  has  a  relevant  pre-­‐header      Make  sure  that  links  in  mobile-­‐friendly  emails  send  recipients  to   mobile-­‐friendly  landing  pages      Make  sure  QR  codes  sent  prospects  to  a  mobile-­‐friendly  landing  page                                          -­‐  Courtesy  of  Daniel  Burstein,  Marke?ngSherpa  

Adaptation: Mobile

Adaptation: Social Social  Media   companies  are  using   email  

Adaptation: Social   Despite  the  fact  that  targeted  sends  have  a  40%  higher  open  rate,     80%  of  marketers  are  s5ll  emailing  the  same  content  to  all  subscribers.                        -­‐  Experian  "The  2012  Digital  Marketer:  Benchmark  and  Trend  Report"  (2012)  

Adaptation: Social Companies  use   email  to  promote   their  social  media   presence  

Adaptation: Social Want  the  full   marke5ng   experience?   Download  Vail   Resort’s  Epic   Mix  app  on  your   phone  –  buy  a   season  pass  –   and  let  the   magic  begin.  

Adaptation: Social Consider   using  your   email  list   in   Facebook   to  grow   your   follower   base  on   your   business   page  

Adaptation: Social Pinterest   devoted   prime  real   estate  on   my   account   homepage   to  growing   their   email   newsleber   list  

Adaptation: Social Grow   your   email  list   using   Twiber!  

Adaptation: Social From  Facebook   Ad  to  Email   subscriber   (post   purchase)  

Adaptation: Social Use  Facebook  to   promote  your   email!    

What will email do for you in 2014? (And more philosophically, what will you do for email in 2014?)  

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Making your list

Keep: Working To Improve Content

Keep: Working To Improve Content Great  use  of   a  Trigger   (Autorespon der)  email!   This  came   out  right   afer  the   Spartans   won  a  game.  

Great  balance   of  images  and   text  on  this   DailyWorth   email.  Plus,   they  test  out   the  lower  area   of  their   content.  A  few   issues  before   this,  there  were   three  ar5cles   and  photos  at   the  bobom;   now  there’s   only  two.  

Don’t   forget   simple   things   like  Alt   Tags!  

The end! Email is Ques5ons?     (No  calculus,   please)   Thanks  for   having  me!  |  @ginanykerk  |  

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