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Published on December 3, 2011

Author: alihassni



Emails may burn in hell or may open doors of heaven. They lack the body language & tone and can easily be misunderstood. So, we surely need clarity & Etiquettes to communicate. This is the only way, recipient take us positively. Many times, we do not have the 2nd chance.

M. Ali Hassni
Cell: +92 - 300 - 820 - 6276

How to write to Right g Email@iquettes@i tt M. Ali Hassni Ingrope I f I Information Services ti S i Saturday, December 3, 2011

Always Flush Toilet after use. yKeep your Toilet & Bathroom Clean

Thank you

Email @iquettes

Subject Line

CCs / BCCs

Make it personal

Be concise

SpellingBear DearBare Dare Principle Principal c pa

GrammerDear Sir,Good EveningI am i f inform t you regarding th matter of th LCD or to di the tt f theMoniter. Yesterday I am request to URK that give me900 rupees for LCD or Moniter repairing charges.URK is clear refused my request after that I am writtenthis mail for you because Aamar Farooqui don’t have don tany other LCD or Monitor.I am request to you that kindly talk to URK regarding q y y g gthis matter.

Abbreviations & Emoticons☺


Letter CaseCOCOPENHAGEN G copenhagen Copenhagen

Contact Information


Review before Sending

Urgent & Important

Urgent & Important



discuss now; orpost your comments on iThink@f b k /i

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