eMadrid 2014 02 14 (uc3m) emadrid Daniel Charchidi MIT Reimaging learning on campus and for the world

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Published on February 18, 2014

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2014 02 14
Daniel Charchidi
Reimaging learning on campus and for the world

REIMAGINING LEARNING ON CAMPUS AND FOR THE WORLD Daniel Carchidi MIT Office of Digital Learning Director of Special Projects and Program Manager, MITx 1


UNIVERSITIES Lecture, Circa 1308 AD ESTABLISHED 1088 AD Bologna, Italy From Wikipedia 3

Lecture, Circa 2014 AD Courtesy Eric Klopfer 4

Today’s “consumers” are different from previous generations • The anytime anywhere generation • Diverse • Socially aware & engaged • Global perspective • Other industries have been swept up 5

Digital online delivery is the next one • MIT & Harvard invest $30M each • Free world education • Open source platform • We disrupted ourselves!! 6

Why? Expand access to education for students worldwide through online learning, while reinventing campus education through blended models And learn about learning. And how… 7

MIT Office of Digital Learning • Created November 2012 • Prof. Sanjay Sarma named Director of Digital Learning • Office includes: • • • • MIT OpenCourseWare MITx Office of Educational Innovation and Technology Academic Media & Production Services

How are MITx and edX different? edX is a platform for a global audience MITx is the production house and the product

MITx Mission • support the use of digital learning tools and techniques in the delivery of MIT residential programs • provide free, scalable, MIT-quality courses to academically talented and well-prepared learners worldwide • and further the understanding of best practices in emerging digital and scalable learning environments.

MITx Expertise • • • • • • Project Management Video production and management Instructional design Technical support Training across these areas Consulting - best practices and latest research

Pedagogical Architecture OCW Online education holds the key to making residential education better and less expensive even as it promises to offer education to many millions more people. Red indicates IP-free content Digital Authoring of a Class No Formal Master Workflow Corpus Today of Class MITx Yellow indicates grades management


Providing immediate feedback • Interspersed “finger exercises” – Reinforces concepts at time of acquisition – Link to other material – Mine data to find gaps in knowledge • Range of tools for automated assessment • Peer assessment can augment learning experience • Opportunity to direct learner to discussion forums • Early evaluations show improved learning • Will not work for all disciplines? 14

Videos 7.00x

Exercises auto-graded

Über exercises

Visualizations • Active exploration of dynamic, complex systems 18

Simulations • Allow students to explore concepts in “lab” setting on their schedule and location – Doesn’t provide direct lab skills, but enables exploration 19

Assessment tools • • • • • • • • • • Multiple choice Numerical questions Equations Algebra Program code Marking elements on images Changing chemical formulas Short answer Peer critiquing and assessment New tools being added on a regular basis 2/18/2014 20

IMPLICATIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING We launched to the world. Now its coming home 2012-2014 21

MITx residential adoption Fall 2012 (3) Fall 2013 (13) 8.01 Classical Mechanics 620 8.21 Physics of Energy CC.801 Classical Mechanics 10 5.37 Organic and Inoranic Lab ES.801 Classical Mechanics 10 6.341 Discrete-time signal processing 18 2 33 6.042 Mathematics for computer science 3.091 Introduction to solid state chemistry Spring 2013 (7) 6.s064 Machine Learning 280 338 159 87 57 18.05 Statistics 2.01 Elements of Structure CC.801 Classical Mechanics 42 5.111 Organic Chemistry 228 8.033 Relativity 99 6.042 Mathematics for Computer Science 8.011 Classical Mechancis 214 46 3.012 Fundamentals of Material Science 8.021 Electricity and Magnetism 26 16 CC.802 Electricity and Magnetism 6 18.03 Differential Equations 227 ES.802 Electricity and Magnetism 31 8.13 Experimental Physics I 67 2.03 Dynamics and Control 114 Total: 2750 (2050 unique) users 800 active users a day 22

Our experience on campus • Solid State Chemistry – Required subject – Typical “fifth week flag” rate is 50-70 student (out of 500) – With immediate feedback, multiple attempts at problems, rate this term was 3.

Other anecdotes 2.01, Intro Statics 7.012, Intro Biology • All videos made available online • Regular lectures • Regular assignments, exams • Unprecedented “performance” • All videos made available online • Auto-grading capability • Final results not in but 77% say they would use system even if not required


Institute-wide taskforce on the future of education at MIT • 50 faculty + students + staff, 40 meetings • Faculty and student surveys • 20+ departmental presentations • Preliminary report at future.mit.edu • Final report in May 2014

Beneficial side-effect: modularity, flexibility, sharing • Active classroom in required introductory physics class • Introductory EECS course: almost all contact in lab settings, using automated tutor • Mech E, EECS subjects using modules, breaking terms into pieces 27

Broader impact on the campus • What does the classroom of the future include? • What does the student residence of the future include? 28

New kinds of learning spaces • Academic villages • Hands-on learning • Maker spaces and sandboxes • Studios 29

MOOC.org + MIT OpenCourseWare = scalable, widely accessible DIY courses

Conclusions • Online tools enable an epochal leap towards MIT’s longtime ambition: learning by doing • MOOCs are a wonderful outcome • But make no mistake: online is to enrich the magic of the residential, not to replace it 31

THANK YOU Daniel Carchidi MIT Office of Digital Learning carchidi@mit.edu 32

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