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Published on February 8, 2014

Author: nyemdoh

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Grammar- translation method is the method of teaching foreign language such as Latin and Greek.

History • Was known as Prussian Method in USA • Was known as Classical Method in Western World. • Changed to Grammar- Translation Method in the 19th century. • The main objective of the method is to help students learn foreign language to be proficient in it and to appreciate it.

Characteristics • Rules of grammar and applying it in translation passages to other language is the focus of learning. • Direct translation is the medium to learn the vocabulary in the foreign language that the students are learning. • An example of the words taught:  The house = la casa

Characteristics • Reading in the foreign language is being focused on and only a little attention is given to the way they pronounce words in those language. • Extensive explanation is given to understand the grammar of the native language which the students will apply in making sentences.

Principles • Students are taught in their mother tongue and sometimes using the targeted language. • A lot of vocabulary is taught in form of the isolated words.

Principles • There is less attention paid to the pronounciation of the language • Only a little attention is paid to the content of the text and it is used as the exercises for the students to do the grammatical analysis.

Principles • Mainly focus on accuracy and not the fluency of speaking as the primary skills for students to improve are the reading and writing skills. • The important goal for the learner is to translate a language to other language and not the abi;ity to communicate with the targerted language speaker.

Techniques • Translation of a literary passage  Figurative versus literal meaning • Reading comprehension questions  Questions provided about the information in the text to make inferences and to relate to experience. • Cognates  Recognizing sound patterns between languages  English: Father  Latin: Pater

Techniques • Fill in the blanks  Completing sentences with words that are missing • Words in sentences  Students make up sentences by using the targeted language vocabulary that they have learn.

Advantages • It is the easiest way to explain meanings of words from sentences or phrases from one language to another language. • Students have no difficulty in responding questions because the questions are being asked in their mother tongue. • The communication between the teacher and the learner have no linguistic problems because the targeted language are not being actively used.

Disadvantages • Does not improve the communicative skills of the targeted language for the speaker or the learner. • The learner have no intention to go beyond the analogies, translations and exercises of the targeted language grammar which is the application of the language in speaking.

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