Elkins BIA/Kelsey Enageg Conference Presentation for Camilyo

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Information about Elkins BIA/Kelsey Enageg Conference Presentation for Camilyo

Published on May 18, 2016

Author: lrelkins

Source: slideshare.net

1. All-in-One Online Success Platform

2. / SMBs are frustrated

3. / Online Marketing is Difficult Build a website Advertise Manage Facebook Be on Twitter Manage a blog Capture leads Book appointments CRM Launch email & text campaign

4. / Utilizing the full funnel delivers superior results!

5. But you need so many vendors To complex and costly for SMBs!

6. An All-in-One local marketing platform Introducing Camilyo

7. Camilyo makes it better & easier • “All-in-One” platform SMBs use to manage their digital presence • Serves the entire marketing funnel • Affordable • Fully integrated • Cross channel & cross platform • Third party partners execute a DIFM model SMBs

8. Learn from our Customers • 60% of our customers see significant mobile traffic increases • Our Facebook advertising module achieves 50% better ROI compared to those just using Google • Service-related sites - 14% increase in online bookings • Sites deploying pop-up offers - 17% increase in generated leads • Customers using a “call-me-back” widget - 11% uptick in leads

9. Want help? • Frustrated? • Too many vendors to consider? • Want one platform that manages all stages of your customer acquisition funnel? • Want a proven successful vendor? • Is money an issue to you? • Let Camilyo’s platform provide you a superior, easy, affordable solution to your online marketing needs.

10. Lorren Elkins @lorren_elkins Lorren.Elkins@Camilyo.com Camilyo.com 917-327-0636

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