Elements of Functional English

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Information about Elements of Functional English

Published on September 23, 2013

Author: lionnagaraju

Source: slideshare.net


a powerpoint presentation to highlight the elements of functional english for the teachers of vignan university.


WHAT HAVE YOU IN COMMON? Icebreaker • Group A - Handout • Group B - Instructions WHAT HAVE YOU IN COMMON? mnRAJU

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. WHAT AILS ENGLISH LEARNING? # Content Materials Method 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 mnRAJU

WHAT ARE EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR? Communicative abilities to • listen with comprehension • articulate clearly • receive and send messages • read, understand a variety of documents • write fluently and accurately • use accepted business conventions of format, spelling, grammar and punctuation • deal with customers effectively mnRAJU

WHAT IS ‘FUNCTIONAL’? •enough to serve a purpose •just ‘adequate’ •In the context of a foreign language, it shows that one knows enough to be understood and to understand others mnRAJU

mnRAJU becoming functional is • using English to meet everyday needs such as appointments, invitations, plans, filling out forms, thanking people, seeking information, following instructions etc. • communicating confidently, effectively and independently • becoming functional is neither acquiring knowledge nor being perfect BECOMING FUNCTIONAL

OBJECTIVES OF FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH • to become functional in English • to choose appropriate communication methods • to suit the needs of the audience and the situation • to apply English skills in a variety of contexts • to become increasingly independent, competent and confident mnRAJU

GRAMMAR mnRAJU FORMAL GRAMMAR LANGUAGE Set of rules PRIORITY Grammaticality MAIN CONCERN Form and structure MATERIALS Made up sentences FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR LANGUAGE System of communication PRIORITY Appropriacy MAIN CONCERN Function and meaning MATERIALS Authentic texts

HOW TO LEARN FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH? 1. Take a course 2. Watch TV 3. Make English speaking friends 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. mnRAJU

FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH – SUPPORTIVE PRACTICES • learning through application • learner-centred approach • active learning • problem-solving approach • partnership learning • assessment for learning mnRAJU

mnRAJU Teacher Centred Teaching Time (Less TTT) Student Centred Learning Time (More STT)

mnRAJU 1. Teacher Talk 2. Choral Response 3. Close-ended Teacher Questioning 4. Open-ended Teacher Questioning 5. Full Class Interaction 6. Student Initiated Questioning 7. Group Work 8. Pair Work (Collaboration) 9. Individual Work 10. Self Access Least Most INSTRUCTION PATTERNS

FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH – INTERACTIVE TOOLS mnRAJU 1. Pair work 2. Group work 3. Elicitation 4. Good instructions 5. Thought provoking questions 6. Activities & Games 7. Authentic materials

AUTHENTIC MATERIALS What? • Real, natural language materials appropriate to learner needs Why? • Interesting, lifelike, useful Types? • Printed, audio, visual, multimedia Criteria? • Interest, purpose, appropriateness, quality, language level mnRAJU

BEING ‘UNSURE’ • There are about 300 teachers working in this college. • There are approximately 5000 students studying here. • A large number of students are interested in this course. • Management predicts up to 50% growth next year. • There are so few buses plying to the campus. • They are far fewer than they used to be earlier. • Almost half the students went off the campus. • Not even half of them were anywhere near. • It's difficult to say, but I'd guess a majority stayed away. • I'm not really sure, but I think half of them wanted to stay. mnRAJU

BEING ‘UNSURE’ Quiz Which exercises promote functional skills and which do not? Why? mnRAJU

Send your comments to lionnagaraju@gmail.com This slideshow is available at www.authorstream.com/tag/lionnagaraju www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju mnRAJU

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