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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: champchild

Source: slideshare.net

"But I just have to have an iPad! Everyone has them!" These words are sweeping the nation these days, coming out of almost every 7 year old and up's mouth. But do they really need an iPad? Or is fun and games the priority of that new iPhone? Let's see what research has to say about this! Studies show that 1/5 of THRID GRADERS own cell phones… But is this the right decision? Sure, there are tons of educational opportunities out there when you've got an electronic (and that includes computers, laptops, and desktops). And is there such thing as too much or too soon? We'll have to look at the pros and cons of this situation: Pro: Most apps and some downloads require some sort of electronic for use. This includes both games and educational features. Con: Too much screen time can literally ruin your brain; Not exactly melt it into squishy pink goo, but something even worse. It's bad for your eyes as well. Unless you want to end up wearing glasses or contacts, DON'T ever go on electronics more than 4 hours each day, and half of that should be for educational use. Already wearing glasses/contacts? The same goes for you. Any more than you should, and someone could end up in the hospital with an eye check. Pro: Great communication systems! Now, all electronics (and some computers) come with a built in webcam, which are great for sending pics to faraway family or neighbor friends! You can also document things with pictures, if you want to remember them for years to come.Electronics have great built in or downloadable communicating programs, possibly through text chatting or a face chat (if the other person has a webcam) and even both! Con: Electronics can be very expensive, and that's even without the cover and all the adapters and other stuff. When you think about getting an electronic, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fun and games, and how you can then download the new Candy Crush Saga. Well, there's OTHER stuff you have to think about. First, think about yourself. Are you a responsible person? Will you be able to savage your electronic, and remember to charge it up every day? Will you keep it safe, and be careful not to damage it when in use? If your answers are YES, then start thinking about your home. Does it contain a bunch of rowdy, annoying siblings or jumpy, slobbery pets? Remember, not only will you be responsible for what you do, but also for what others do to your electronic. Pro: Is there anything more that a kid could want then an electronic?! Come on, you have to have all that responsibility, but it pays off at the end when you get to kick back with your electronic, safely hidden from surprising siblings/pets. Use it to practice for that up coming math test (GROAN) or just to have some relaxation time looking through your nature photo's and playing your face electronic game. And to all you social butterflies out there? Electronics have tons of cool apps for you to IM, webcam chat, check your online status with the tap of a finger, or take some selfless and email to friends! So we've covered our Pros and Cons, huh? Are you thinking "Ok, we're done, now can I go ask for an electronic?". Well, it's not over yet. On your new electronic, there's probably a Safety/Kid lock. You should figure out how to activate it with the help of an adult, or search it online. These safety locks make sure that you only have access to things for kids, so that you

don't encounter anything dangerous. Technology just keeps getting better and better, huh? Also, I suggest waiting a bit before asking for an electronic. Try something like this: Think about an electronic. What type? What model? Get all your facts straight. Think about of you actually need it. Would it be alright if you didn't get it? After you've decided your choice, it should affect what you do next. If you decided you don't really NEED it, then the next part isn't required. Just try to achieve something that takes a lot of responsibility for someone your age. It could be as simple as getting good grades or being kind to your sibs for a week. If you want to increase your chance to get one, then try something even bigger (not too much. A kid can't handle so much responsibility, and if you make it a lot, soon you'll be depended in doing it more and more). Finally, ask. Approach your parents when they're calm and collected, and tell them you've chosen a model, and that you'll be very responsible (this has to really be a promise). If they're hesitant, agree on a pact that states how long you can stay on the electronic. If they say no or yes, remind yourself that an electronic will always be a privilege, not a right. Have fun with your electronic (if you get one) and remember your responsibilities!

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