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Information about Electronic Portfolios

Published on February 13, 2008

Author: spmath

Source: slideshare.net

February 13, 2008 Math Electronic Portfolios I am a Fraction Adding Fractions Subtracting Fractions Multiplying Fractions Dividing Fractions Other Stuff

February 13, 2008 I am a Fraction Fractions are Relations Fractions Show Division Unit Fractions

February 13, 2008 Adding Fractions How do you add fractions? Gliffy Show the use and model strategies Money Clocks Double Number Line Standard Algorithm

February 13, 2008 Subtracting Fractions How do you subtract fractions? Gliffy Show the use and model strategies Money Clocks Double Number Line Standard Algorithm

February 13, 2008 Multiplying Fractions How do you multiply fractions? Bubbleshare for proper fractions Bubbleshare for mixed numbers Show the use and model strategies Array Model Standard Algorithm

February 13, 2008 Dividing Fractions How do you Divide Fractions? Sketchcast Show the use and model strategies Ratio Table Standard Algorithm

February 13, 2008 Other Math Work Fosnot Investigations You need to show the investigations that you did with the class. Make sure your work is shown. Embed the Voicetheads Explain what Alatoba is and show examples. Add links to your Growing Posts Scribe Posts Comments left at other scribes and Growing Posts

February 13, 2008 Parent Quiz

February 13, 2008

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