Electronegativity, Bond Type and Drawing Lewis Structures

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Information about Electronegativity, Bond Type and Drawing Lewis Structures

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: emmawise

Source: slideshare.net


Great graphics depicting how electronegativity affects bond type and Lewis structure of compounds, including a table comparing/contrasting ionic, covalent and metallic bonds with a guided notes, blank chart for students.

Difference in Electronegativity Affects the Bond Type Electronegativity differences between bonding elements is used to predict the bond type. H2 – Electronegativity difference = 2.20 – 2.20 = 0 so a Covalent bond is formed. HF – Electronegativity difference = 4.00 – 0.96 = 3.04 so an Ionic bond is formed ELECTRONEGATIVITY DIFFERENCE Ionic Bonds • Held together by electrical attraction •Strong; hard to break Covalent Bonds • Held together by shared electrons • Not as strong

4 Step Process: Drawing Lewis Dot Structures Key consideration – The octet rule Step 1: Arrange atoms • Central atom lower electronegativity Step 2: Add up the valence electrons of all atoms Step 3: Draw single bonds • Subtract 2 electrons for each single bond from total counted in Step 2 Step 4: Deal out remaining electrons • Satisfy octet rule (except for Hydrogen)

Comparing and Contrasting Ionic and Covalent Bonds Ionic Bond Electrons Bond Electronegativity Differences State Melting Pt. Conductivity Water Solubility Covalent Bond

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