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Published on October 10, 2007

Author: Abhil

Source: authorstream.com

Our Electricity project:  Our Electricity project 4.30 Description of the model:  Description of the model This aeroplane will be an aero wing design with front wings for support. There will be 5 l.e.d.s at the back imitating jet heat. There will be only one blower at the back of the plane. The structure will be made out of wood and the wings will be stuck on with glue to the structure. The back wing will be a normal simple wing. The circuit will be up and down in the structure with a switch on the top of the structure between the cockpit and the back wing. 41.82 Our Crocodile Clips Circuit.:  Our Crocodile Clips Circuit. Our design:  Our design 19.99 We spent a lot of time on our design brief but it paid of, for we have made an awesome plane. it was hard but it was fun. Items we used:  Items we used Spray Paint. Glue 5 L.E.D.s Wood A Saw Pencils & Other Tools A Battery Wire Measurements:  Measurements 13.07 1 & a half cm Support wings 5 cm 30 cm 3 cm fuselage Back wing 3 & a half cm 5 cm 4 & a half cm 4 cm 4 & a half cm 6 & a half cm 6 cm cockpit wings 3 cm 32 cm 16 &a half cm Stages in the Development of our Plane:  Stages in the Development of our Plane First we have to draw up plans for our plane. In this picture we are drawing and measuring our plans. STAGE 1: STAGE 2: STAGE 3: COMPLETION STAGE: In stage 2 we have to find the equipment and materials we need to make our project. In this picture I am putting the finishing touches on our plans. Third we had to paint our plane and put the electric circuit through the plane. In these two pictures it shows the electric circuit and how we painted it. We are finished! End of Show :  End of Show Thank you for watching our slide show. I hope you have enjoyed it. See you later. By Zakk & Bryce 15.82

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