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Information about Electricity Monitoring

Published on March 31, 2014

Author: carterperry1

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Electricity monitoring is important to identify when and where the electricity is being consumed so that steps can be take on time to save it. Real time electricity monitoring can help find energy saving opportunities. It is essential for all types of building including commercial, residential or government buildings. A real time monitor can help one understand why the electricity bill is too high by looking at full energy usage details. It assists in comparing different tariffs that could reduce energy costs. PowerPoint Presentation: With the latest technology, PC based electricity monitors are available. With these one can control and monitor electricity usage anytime and anywhere. Energy monitoring tells online about instant energy usage. Easy to read charts and graphs make it simple to find out which equipment or area is taking up most electricity. Remote monitoring can also be performed through data centre electricity monitoring. They transmit monitored data over the network which can be analysed over the actual site. PowerPoint Presentation: They can also introduce new ideas on energy saving plans. With electricity monitoring one can easily find out how much it cost for any equipment to operate. One can get the consumption data directly on web browser, smartphone or tablet. Electricity monitors are designed to help you save money on your energy bills. The idea is that once you can see exactly how much electricity you are using in real-time, you will be able to identify ways to reduce your usage and so reduce your bills. PowerPoint Presentation: Footprint is a complete online water and energy monitoring solution developed by iota, the commercial and innovative business arm of leading water authority South East Water. Footprint will help your business better manage risk and compliance, achieve operational efficiency and profitability and minimise carbon footprint – enhancing the value and reputation of your company. PowerPoint Presentation: Footprint's dynamic technology can instantly and accurately identify unaccounted water and energy usage as well as irregularities in trade waste. Footprint is the only product to offer fully integrated water, energy and wastewater monitoring and control solution on the same web based platform. Our strength is our modular product design which gives you the flexibility to choose the monitoring services and level of reporting that best suits your business needs today. Our Expertise: Our Expertise we are committed to excellence in customer service, we will work in partnership with you to identify and customise the best solution to meet your need. Our iota Solution Delivery team is always on hand to provide friendly, reliable and proactive service and support. Industries that benefit : Industries that benefit Mining Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Manufacturing Water Supply Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants Transportation Personal and Other Services PowerPoint Presentation: Address : 20 Corporate Drive Heatherton 3202 Melways reference: MAP 78, D9 Australia Phone : 1300 643 711 Fax : 03 8560 2001 Email : info@iota.net.au Website : www.iota-footprint.com.au

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