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Information about Electricity

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: Mangeles9

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Electricity PowerPoint Presentation: Static electricity You may have noticed that sometimes when you are combing your hair with a plastic comb, you move the comb away for your head slightly and some hairs are attracted to it. These phenomena occur because when the objects are rubbed together,they become electrified or electrically charged . PowerPoint Presentation: Electric currents Electric charges are accumulated in some objects such as batteries . They can be set in motion when the objects are connected to a metal wire. Why does it happen? Because when you connect a battery to a light bulb it charges electrcity flow through the wires and the filament of the bulb produces light and heat. PowerPoint Presentation: Electrical energy Eletric currents are associated with a type of energy called electrical energy or electricity . It i s the energy used by electrical appliences . Like all forms of energy , electricity can be converted into other forms of energy : luminous energy in light bulbs thermal energy in radiators mechanical energy in a washing machines. PowerPoint Presentation: Insulating materials Some materials , such as wood , do not allow an electric current to pass through them . These materials are called insulators . Conducting materials We say that a material is a conductor of electricity if it allows an electric current to pass through it . Metals are good conductors . materials and electricity PowerPoint Presentation: Key ideas static electricity : ability of objects to became electrically chargedto attrakc other objects . An electrical current is a flow of electric charge through objects such as metal wires . Insulators Conductors PowerPoint Presentation: Questions 1. What is static electricity? 2. How do electric currents pass from one object to another? Give an example 3. What is the other name for electrical energy? 4. Give an example of a conductor and an insulator PowerPoint Presentation: By: Joan Ivan Sergio Daniel S. Diego S. PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks for watching

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