Electrically Fueled Vehicles - The Three Main Designs

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Information about Electrically Fueled Vehicles - The Three Main Designs

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: evchargeamerica

Source: slideshare.net

By Ev-charge America

Introduction  EV-Charge America installs EV electric vehicle charging stations in numerous convenient locations, making it possible for drivers of electric vehicles to recharge their cars while away from home. The EV Charging stations installed by EV-Charge America are a solid contribution to a cleaner, less polluted environment. Under the 1992 U.S. Energy Policy Act, electricity is listed as an alternative fuel for vehicle operation. The “fuel” is generated from such sources as kinetic energy of wind and water movement, collected energy from the sun and clean coal, and nuclear power. Automobiles that rely solely on electricity as a fuel and EV Charging stations as purveyors of that fuel are known as all-electric vehicles and are referred to as EVs, or BEVs (battery electric vehicles).

About EREVs  Electric vehicles known as extended range electric vehicles (EREVs) can cover a greater distance than EVs because of their design. EREVs make additional use of a combustion generator, which is able to extend the distance a driver can operate the vehicle on a full charge. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, called PHEVs, use charging stations as well, but PHEVs can either be fueled by gas or powered by electricity and therefore are often referred to as parallel hybrid vehicles. Typically, the vehicles use electricity only at lower speeds.

Conclusion  Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEVs are the only vehicles that do not make use of a charging station. These cars utilize an internal combustion engine, with the electricity generated by regenerative braking. Basically an electric-type vehicle can operate in one of three modes. In V mode, a vehicle solely uses electricity from the battery. In series hybrid mode, the engine of the car is powered by the battery and from a gas engine when the battery charge is low or when the driver accelerates. If a car is operating in parallel hybrid mode, it is fueled electrically at lower speeds and by a gas engine at higher speeds for optimum fuel efficiency.

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