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Information about ELECTRIC CIRCUIT

Published on January 5, 2008

Author: AscotEdu

Source: authorstream.com

ELECTRIC CIRCUIT:  ELECTRIC CIRCUIT ELECTRIC CIRCUIT:  ELECTRIC CIRCUIT I- ELECTRIC CIRCUIT II- ELECTRIC PARTICLE III- Consolidation ELECTRIC CIRCUIT:  ELECTRIC CIRCUIT I- ELECTRIC CIRCUIT 1- Simple circuit Have you ever seen electric circuit ? 2- Conventional current According to the circuit bellow, how is the direction of the conventional current? 3- Conductor and Insulator Conductor and Insulator:  Conductor and Insulator Conductor Insulator Conductor:  Conductor The thing that conducts heat or electricity. Ex.: Solution of Acid, Base, Salt, Metal, Graphite… see more Please give some example of conductor Conductor:  Conductor Conductor:  Conductor Answer YES! Metal Insulator:  Insulator The thing that can not conduct heat or electricity. Ex.: Dry wood, rubber, gas, pure water... See more Student give some example of insulator. Insulator:  Insulator Pure Water Dry Wood Insulator:  Insulator Answer NO! ELECTRIC CIRCUIT:  ELECTRIC CIRCUIT II- ELECTRIC PARTICLE Positive charge Negative charge Simple circuit:  Simple circuit The set of battery, wire, lamp, switch, electric receiver is called electric circuit. Simple circuit Simple circuit:  Simple circuit some examples of electric circuit on Crocodile Physics. Electric Circuits Circuit01 Pictures02 Pictures03 Pictures04 Simple circuit:  Simple circuit If we change the place of Ammeter, the current keep the same. See more Simple circuit:  Simple circuit If we change the terminal of the battery the direction of the current is changed. See more Conventional current:  Conventional current The direction of the conventional current is from positive terminal to negative terminal of generator. Show Electric Particle:  Electric Particle - The positive ion is called Cation: Na+, Cu+, Ag+… Electric Particle:  Electric Particle - The Negative ion is called Anion: cl-,OH-, SO4-, NO3- ... Electric Particle:  Na Na+ Electric Particle Cl Cl- Electric Particle:  Electric Particle Electric Particle:  Electric Particle The smallest electric particle is electron. The charge of electron: Mass of electron: Mass of Proton : Me x1836 Electric Particle:  Electric Particle The Positive charge moves the same direction of conventional current. (click here) * The Negative charge moves opposite of conventional current. (click here) Negative charge:  Negative charge Consolidation:  Consolidation Students work in group by using Physic crocodile soft ware to form the simple electric circuit and present in the class. Go to physic crocodile Slide25:  Thanks

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