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Published on October 10, 2007

Author: Lassie

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International Electives: Goal Setting:  International Electives: Goal Setting Stan Houston, Anne Fanning, Dieter Lemke, Lynora Saxinger Worksheet:  Worksheet 1. Do you want to go? Why or why not? 2.Potential benefits specifically of of an int’l as opposed to local elective 3. Potential drawbacks? 4. Will an int’l elective affect your attitudes toward a variety of patient care issues? 5. How does it fit into long term career plan 6. Concerns? 7. Reasonable learning objectives/ goals? 8. Cultural, social, religious or economic/political issues that will affect your goals? What are they? 9. Ethical issues in setting goals? Goals:  Goals Why goals? All the normal reasons that planning is generally a good thing Assist in making a choice that matches your goals/needs/abilities & characteristics May help you to prepare yourself with information Opportunity to do a reality check Remember that many factors will remain outside your ability to plan Leave room for serendipity; keep your mind open to unexpected possibilities! Filling Gaps:  Filling Gaps I want to correct a content deficiency in U of A medical school training Malaria & other parasitic & tropical diseases Typhoid, leprosy, other diseases of poverty HIV TB Clinical Skills:  Clinical Skills I want to see patients with splenomegaly, and hear abnormal heart murmurs that students in Edmonton rarely encounter I want experience making clinical diagnoses, reducing my MRI dependence, to clarify both how useful these tools can be and also how they are often substituted for clinical skills in Canada Cross Cultural Medicine:  Cross Cultural Medicine I would like experience with health care provided in a different culture (both patients and health care workers) I would like to get a perspective on different beliefs about disease causation and different values I think this experience could help me to practice better medicine in Canada Health Care Systems:  Health Care Systems I want some experience with medicine practiced within a very different system from what I am familiar with Future plans:  Future plans I want to dip a toe in the water of international work to help decide whether I might want to include international health activities in my long term career plans in some way Experience with Development/ Disparity Issues:  Experience with Development/ Disparity Issues I think it is important for me to get some personal experience of the interface between health and other issues Human rights & health Poverty & health Where does health fit in with development? Idealism:  Idealism I want to go because I think I should and because it will make me a better person Personal growth may be a realistic outcome of an international elective but is more likely to be a by-product than a plannable goal Religious motivation:  Religious motivation Evangelism is my main goal in an international elective OR I want to work in health care in a religious or mission context OR I think working in a low income country is consistent with my personal spiritual and religious beliefs and responsibilities An Adventure:  An Adventure I want to go to the most remote and exotic destination I can find for 4 months, sew up crocodile bites and wade through tropical jungle to visit village clinics Getting Away From It All:  Getting Away From It All I’m sick of Ralph Klein, I just broke up with my girlfriend, I’m not really sure if Medicine is the right career for me. I think some time in the Third World would refocus me. Networking:  Networking I want to make friends, links and connections with other like-minded people around the world Love (or insecurity):  Love (or insecurity) I want to go on an overseas elective because my boyfriend is going Slide16:  I want to go to Africa to save children dying of AIDS and malnutrition Slide17:  When I go to India, I realize I can’t save the world so I’ll really pretty much just be a spectator Slide18:  They have so little that whatever I do, it’s bound to do some good Slide19:  Expectations about your contribution have to be realistic, considering your limited skills and resources; in reality you are going to benefit much more from this experience than the host community. On the other hand, active participation is essential to an elective experience; you will get much more out of it if you are contributing Moreover, India can’t accommodate a bunch of Western spectators Primum non nocere: Bear in mind that it’s easy to do more harm than good Elective Choice Depends on Your Goals:  Elective Choice Depends on Your Goals Type of Elective Clinical Public health Research Combination Country Language Safety Clinical spectrum of disease Cost etc. Urban/Rural/Mission etc. Evaluation 1. Of the elective experience:  Evaluation 1. Of the elective experience Practical & logistic issues accommodation, safety, cost Value of Experience Clinical experience Teaching Research Surprises, positive or negative? Would you recommend it? Of you, by the preceptor(s):  Of you, by the preceptor(s)

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