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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: chaturvedibraj

Source: slideshare.net

Digital Media for Elections

Internet & Mobile Penetration in India India has 554.8 million mobile users and 143.2 million unique Internet users India already has more mobile users in its villages as compared to its cities and towns. India has 23.8 million individuals who access Internet from their mobile phones using a data connection such as GPRS or 3G. Rural India will have 68 million claimed internet users and 46 million active users by the end of October 2013. About 7.1 million users who access Internet exclusively through mobile data connections are in rural areas. Predicted number of Social Media users by Dec,2013 : 80 million Social media users, residents of towns with population of under 5,00,000 : 33% Social media users residents of smaller towns with population smaller than 2,00,000 : 25% Source: http://www.indiadigitalreview.com/news/india-has-5548-mn-mobile-users-1432-mn-internet-users-study/14350 Face book is now available in: 8 Indian Languages

A new voter has emerged: Citizen 2.0 Like connecting with other voters, discussing and sharing information and political views Highly skeptical about political news and want more balanced presentations in articles Connected searchers, avid users of the Internet and other sources to search information and learn about politics NRIs having voting rights: 25 Million social media could have a “high impact” on 160 of the 543 constituencies in the next election Candidates are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google Hangout The voters profile include – first time voters, youth, employee, farmers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, Hindu, and minority

Digital Marketing Good Practices Tell the truth and always remember that whatever you do on the web is public. Don’t think that communication strategies are more important than contents. Website SMS Marketing Blog Don’t waste money on advertisement campaigns if you don’t have anything to say. Digital Media for Elections Email Marketing Don’t talk only about yourself. Talk about benefits. Social Media Publish contents constantly and frequently and avoid censorship or official criticism Effective use of tagging and feedback Search Marketing Make all contents on the political activity available and form point of view. Use social network as agumentation tool for traditional media

Digital Media for Elections  Search Engine Optimization  Google and Yahoo search  Direct measure of credibility Website SMS Marketing Blog  Face book, Twitter, YouTube  Immediate & Viral Platform  Two way communication  Monitor, Engage & Influence Digital Media for Elections Email Marketing Social Media Search Marketing  Identity of Candidate/Party  Central Information Portal  Customized for need  News letters & Updates  Most Dependable & Efficient  Link to Call to Action  Traceable & Measurable

Reach Out to Citizens using Digital Marketing  Larger reach  Faster reach Website SMS Marketing Blog  Structured information  Customizable & user friendly  Searchable  Subscriptions Digital Media for Elections Email Marketing Social Media Search Marketing  Communicate to loyal followers  Measure reach & conversion  Call to action  Two way interaction  Visually appealing content  Virality

Manage Party Image & Reputation Promote candidate with human touch and emotional connect and engage and influence voters Human touch & Emotional connect in everything we do. Know your candidate Face book App - life story, past accomplishments and election manifesto. Photos, Videos & Interviews showcasing accomplishments, current issues & campaign coverage. Creative Videos Podcasts Political Satires Offline Integration Audience classification and targeting. Frequent updates with stand/take on current issues. Testimonials & Voices from people. Creating discussions amongst people on issues. Events coverage with Dates, Times, and Accomplishments.

Election Campaign ideas

Election Campaign ideas Voice push for voters Complaint management Make sure your voice reaches to lacs of voters across your constituency Send important campaigns / holiday greetings powered by a robust voice platform Let your voters reach you free of cost by giving a missed call We will give an automated call back to them so that they can record any complaints / suggestions Inbound Number Give a phone number to each of your candidates Your voters can reach out with any queries / suggestions Monitor your voter conversations and know their pulse Improve Coordination Increase coordination among party workers Make sure important announcements / messages are spread across them instantaneously Provide a conference bridge for party workers to discuss important matters

Voice Push to Voters Upload voice message and phone number list Outbound calls are places simultaneously Upload Phone Nos Web Interface Upload Voice File Telephony Server 3 Reach out to lacs of voters simultaneously Download Logs from web interface

Incoming Number for Candidates Call connected to candidate / party worker Dials 1 for any queries SMS E-mail Candidate / Party worker Call Recording Calls the number Voter Wait for Input Greeted with a welcome message • Set Welcome Message •Program Extensions • Access call Logs Voter Records a message Dials 2 to record message Voice file sent to E-mail

Improve Coordination Among Party Workers Message is transmitted to all party workers Coordinator calls a number and records a message 9811-****** Chief Coordinator Reach out to lacs of Party workers simultaneously

Complaint managers for voters Voter gives a missed call to a number in case he wants to register any complaint / suggestion Our system captures the request An outbound call is placed to the voter and he is asked to record his complaint / suggestion Voter Records his complaint / suggestion Voter request is registered 9811-******* Voter Telephony Server Voter Complaint Recording

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