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Published on July 21, 2009

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E-Learning : E-Learning Rtn Kishor N S Dhume Rotary Club of Panaji What is learning? : What is learning? The question "What is learning?" can be answered in many ways. As you can see, when you Google you find over 80,000 hits. Some are from reliable sources like well known dictionaries and experts, other are from everyday people who are new in the field of education. Let's take a look at an expert view on learning. The American Heritage dictionary states that learning is: c … e : We are all familiar with classroom based learning (c-Learning) c-Learning is face-to-face group learning led by an instructor or subject matter expert. c … e e-Learning? : e-Learning? In previous slides you saw a definition of learning. Do you agree with the following definition of 'e-Learning'? Is the statement true or false? "e-Learning is learning with a computer where you learn in a learning environment, connected with your teacher with a learning environment. Mostly an e-Learning course is a self study course.” True False False : False e-Learning is learning with the aid of ICT-technology. It can be the computer but the learning process can also be facilitated by a smartphone, etc. It can combine several didactical forms like self-study, personal and group assignments, testing, simulations, virtual seminars, etc. It can be done from a distance but also in a classroom. It can individual self-study but also collaborative learning. A better definition of e-Learning is: "The delivery of formal and informal learning and training activities, processes, communities and events via the help of all electronic media like Internet, intranet, CD-ROM, video tape, DVD, TV, cell phones, personal organizers et cetera." c …………. : c …………. e-learning environments learners interact with learning materials, their instructors and other learners from various locations and often at various times using network technologies. e-learning and its prospects : e-learning and its prospects It has been said that there are two reasons why we learn; some leaning is essentially forced on us while the other is what we sit back and enjoy. E-learning has brought back the joy in learning through its innovative, interactive content and delivery. The development of the e-learning revolution arose from a number of other ‘educational revolutions’. Four such revolutions are : The invention of reading & writing. The emergence of the profession of teacher/scholar. The development of moveable type (print technology). The development of electronic technology. Why e-learning - Rotary : Why e-learning - Rotary e-learning lessons are generally designed to guide the Rotarians through information or to help them to perform a specific tasks. Information based e-learning content communicates information to them . There are lots of good reasons to consider an online E-learning : Online learning is more affordable than traditional classroom learning, with savings of 60% or more. Online courses can be taken in multiple sittings and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to better accommodate your busy schedule. online learning is as mobile as you are! Your learning can take place on the road, in the cafe, or any other place you have an internet-accessible computer. Prospects : Prospects As per William Glasser;“We learn…….10% of what we read20% of what we hear30% of what we see50% of what we see and hear70% of what we discuss with others80% of what we experience personally95% of what we teach someone else” E-learning & Club Secretaries : E-learning & Club Secretaries Rotary International is the association of Rotary clubs. Rotary International is effective if its member clubs are effective. As club leader, your primary responsibility is to foster the effective administration of your club. The Club Secretary’s Manual includes RI policies and the practices of successful club secretaries to help you understand and perform your responsibilities. E-learning & Club Secretaries : In addition to guidelines related to the club secretary’s function, manual includes the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws, Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs E-learning & Club Secretaries Besides above you will have to have ideas of other Rotary Material which you will require from time to time and at that point of time e-learning will be helpful to you. Rotary E-Learning Center : Rotary E-Learning Center Rotary International provides training opportunities for all Rotarians. The Rotary e-learning Center is your online resource It helps for the independent study of Rotary, particularly for new members and club officers. Rotary International also produces training resources for a variety of training seminars held throughout the year for district leaders and for club leaders and members. Important Web site & groups : Important Web site & groups http://www.rotary.org http://www.rid3170.org 3170@googlegroups.com rid3170@googlegroups.com Slide 16: Rotary International Web Site Tour www.rotary.org : www.rotary.org Contents include: Discussion forums Publications for order or free download Member Access Online training The RI Web site includes up-to-date information about events, programs, and general RI and Rotary Foundation information. E-Learning Tour of rotary.org : E-Learning Tour of rotary.org This tour will help you familiarize yourself with the RI Web site’s contents and features. Throughout this tour, you can enter the live rotary.org Web site. To return to this tour, click the Back button in your Web navigation toolbar. RI Home Page : RI Home Page The RI home page, www.rotary.org, is the starting point to navigate the RI Web site. The Web site is continuously evolving and changing. Each year, over seven million people visit the site, and about 10 million files are downloaded. On average, over 60 thousand visitors come to rotary.org every month. RI Home Page Features : RI Home Page Features Learn more about Rotary, The Rotary Foundation, and RI’s president for the coming year. News highlights Rotary Language Communities : Rotary Language Communities The Web site serves all nine Rotary language communities. The original English Web site is partly translated in eight languages. English French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Spanish Swedish Activity Links : Activity Links The Web site has five activity links and an advanced search option. Contribute Shop Club Locator Discuss Contact Us Search Activity Links Contribute : Contribute This activity link allows you to make an online contribution to help Rotary and its Foundation realize their dreams for the next 100 years. For Rotarians and non-Rotarians Shop : Shop Browse the RI Catalog for books, audiovisual programs, official club forms and supplies, RI publications, promotional materials, and more. This activity link allows you to shop from the RI Catalog and the virtual shopping mall. Certain purchases benefit The Rotary Foundation. Purchase RI emblem merchandise from licensed suppliers. Club Locator : Club Locator Visit an e-club Club Locator information Search the Club Locator activity link to find the meeting time and place of any Rotary club. The database is updated weekly. Narrow your search or search by city, club, or district. Discuss : Discuss This activity link allows you to visit RI Discussion Rooms. This international forum, to share knowledge and ideas, links Rotarians. Register by entering a user name and password. Contact Us : Contact Us Administration Membership Development RI Programs Web, Publications, or Public Relations Scholarships Training This activity link allows you to contact RI and Foundation staff if you have any questions / comments or need support in these areas: Search : Search The search feature allows you to use key words such as “Rotary training” to search the RI Web site. Ten Main Rotary Sections : Ten Main Rotary Sections The RI Web site’s main navigation bar features ten main Rotary sections. About Rotary : About Rotary About Rotary navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. View the latest Rotary news. About Rotary highlights The About Rotary section features RI information, including the mission statement, strategic plan, calendar, and other highlights. Membership : Membership Membership navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. Membership highlights Subscribe online to the Membership Minute e-mail newsletter. The Membership section features information and resources for prospective, new, and continuing members. The Rotary Foundation : The Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. View the latest news on The Rotary Foundation. Support the Rotary Foundation through the Every Rotarian Every Year effort. The Rotary Foundation section links to local, national, and international humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs. RI Programs : RI Programs Many RI programs have an e-mail newsletter. Click on a program and subscribe online. Access the World Community Service (WCS) Projects Exchange Database. The RI Programs section links to the nine structured programs and service opportunities that help clubs and districts achieve their service goals. Newsroom : Newsroom The Newsroom section features publications, downloads, and press center features, as well as advertising information. This page is updated daily. Access the latest news on Polio and Foundation Programs RI Programs and Service Projects Events Announcements View Rotary feature stories. Events : Events Events navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. Link to RI Convention’s Committee Web site and research events in advance. Register for the 2006 convention. The Events section features the latest information about RI events, such as the annual RI Convention. Register online and download forms and promotional materials. Club-District Support : Club-District Support Navigation options are displayed along the left-hand side of the screen. Access updated Board information. Club-District Support highlights The Club-District Support section provides resources for officers and all Rotarians. Training : The Training section provides support for those who lead Rotary as well as those who train Rotary leaders. Access RI manuals for free download Training tips Training Talk e-mail newsletter Training Best Practices Database Club Leadership Plan Training Visit the Rotary E-Learning Center for independent study of RI information. Training updates Downloads : Downloads Access language downloads This section contains the many RI publications and forms are available for download in the following categories: Presidential Materials Membership The Rotary Foundation RI Programs Newsroom Events Club-District Support Training Graphics The appropriate software is needed to open downloaded files. Member Access : Member Access Member Access is a tool for Rotarians to make contributions, register for the annual RI Convention, and manage e-mail subscriptions. Club and district officers have access to additional records and reports. To register, you will need Your district’s number Your club’s number Your membership ID number A valid e-mail address Member Access A Tool for Club Presidents and Secretaries A Tool for All Rotarians District Web site – presently under modification : District Web site – presently under modification Monthly Reporting Form : Monthly Reporting Form Monthly Reporting Form : Monthly Reporting Form Monthly Reporting Form : Monthly Reporting Form Rotary Training Talk : Rotary Training Talk Subscribe to Rotary Training Talk at www.rotary.org A monthly e-mail newsletter directed at district trainers and other Rotarians interested in training Latest news in RI training Information on mailings from RI RI Board decisions affecting training Training tips Rotary E-Learning Center : The Rotary E-Learning Center Resources for district leaders Resources for club leaders Training for district leaders Training for club leaders and members Rotary E-Learning Center New Member Information : New Member Information Attendance Public Relations: The Responsibility of Each Rotarian The Rotary Foundation Member Access Rotary International Programs Rotary’s guiding principles Your Club, District, and RI Click to open each name. RI Programs Information : RI Programs Information Community Service Rotary Community Corps Rotary Fellowships Rotary Friendship Exchange Rotary Volunteers Vocational Service World Community Service Club Officer Information : Club Officer Information Club president roles and responsibilities Effective Rotary clubs A guide to membership retention Preparing for the presidents-elect training seminar (PETS) District Resources : District Resources District resources : District resources District Governor’s Training Manual  (PDF) District Appointments form (Word) District Appointments form (PDF) Memo of Club Visit (Word) Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs District Reorganization Proposal form (Word) District Reorganization Proposal form (PDF) District Governor Expense Report form (Excel) District Governor Expense Report for Organizing New Clubs (PDF) District Governor Payee Information form (Word)  The Clubs, Your District, and Rotary International: Partners in Membership Development  (640-EN) (PDF) District Goal Form for Membership (PDF) District resources : District resources District conference resources All resources are in PDF format. District Conference Manual District Conference Report form District Conference promotion ideas Governors’ Guidelines for President’s Representatives to District Conferences Report of the District Governor to the President of Rotary International Information for President’s Representative to Conference Guidelines for Aides to RI Officers Read the RI president's biography District resources : District resources President Representatives to District Conference Travel services Board highlights Trustee highlights Public relations resources, including the Rotary Fact Pack Theme brochure Presidential citation program brochure Presidential citation certification form RI convention information Memorandum to President Representative Guidelines for President Representative Reimbursable Activities Form Report of the President’s Representative to the President of Rotary International Trustee Chair's Goals brochure Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge brochure Resources for club leaders Download Resources : Resources for club leaders Download Resources Membership PowerPoint presentations Rotary club committee resources : Membership PowerPoint presentations Rotary club committee resources Club Administration Committee Manual Club administration committee discussion questions Club Membership Committee Manual Club membership committee discussion questions Club Public Relations Committee Manual Club public relations committee discussion questions Club Service Projects Committee Manual Club service projects committee discussion questions Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual Club Rotary Foundation committee discussion questions Rotary Foundation weekly thoughts Club Secretary’s Manual Club secretary discussion questions Club Treasurer’s Manual President and president-elect resources : President and president-elect resources The Club President’s Manual  (PDF) provides information about roles and responsibilities, club administration, the constitution and bylaws, and much more. The Club President’s Monthly Checklist  (PDF) helps you plan and monitor club activities and deadlines on a monthly basis. Club President Roles and Responsibilities presentation (PowerPoint) PETS discussion questions  (PDF) The Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs  (Word) is based on the Club Leadership Plan and helps clubs assess their current state and establish goals for the coming year. Preparing for PETS presentation  (PowerPoint) provides resources to use before attending PETS. Your Club, the District, and Rotary International: Partners in Membership Development (641-EN) (PDF) Club Membership Goal Form (PDF) Slide 66: Club assessment resources The Retention Model  is a tool that clubs and districts can use to identify their retention strengths and weaknesses. The Termination Profile  displays the amount of time members remain in a club before terminating their membership. Knowing these trends can help a club tailor their retention strategies. Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs  is a tool to help clubs assess their current state and establish goals for the coming year. It is based on the Club Leadership Plan. The Strategic Planning Guide (PDF) helps clubs develop a long-range vision and serves as a framework for establishing goals. Club Merger Application (PDF) ( Word ) Membership resources : Membership resources Membership Development Resource Guide  (417-EN) - outlines basic procedures for building club membership through retention and recruitment. Offers ideas and resources for effective club membership development strategies. New Member Orientation: A How-to Guide for Clubs  (414-EN) Guidelines for conducting effective orientation for new members. How to Propose a New Member  (254-EN) – intended for club secretaries and membership chairpersons includes the basic procedure for election of a new member, along with an easy to fill out Membership Proposal Form. Club Leadership Plan The Membership Minute  – subscribe to the periodic newsletters that provides membership development ideas, resources, and tools Membership Data Form  (PDF) – Use this form to report new or terminating members to Rotary International Prospective Member Form Membership Referral Form ( PDF  or online ) Membership Relocation Form ( PDF  or online ) Completed presentations : Completed presentations Keys to Recruiting and Retaining Members  shows you the proven formula for finding and keeping club members. Recruitment  gives you advice on how to analyze and increase your club’s membership. Recruitment Basics  helps you find out how to select the best members and learn about classifications. The Membership Process Orientation template Prospective member orientation template Summarize : Summarize e-learning can be summarized as follows; Dynamism - Learners progress at the pace that suits them best, at the time that suits them best while getting the information that they need. Real time - Learners have access to information that is correct and up to date through the web, information databases or university or company intranets. Collaboration - Learners are able to meet in a virtual space with other members and practitioner experts to discuss issues, answer questions and even participate in simulations and management games without having to leave their office or home. Speed of delivery - Learners benefit from learning when required, learners are able to access the right sort of training at the right time with the right people.Convenience - Learners have access when they want it.Consistency - Learners have access to the same materials.Global reach - Learners regardless of where they are receive the same message and are able to engage other learners and practitioners globally. Summarize : Summarize The world is shrinking rapidly. The Internet has brought the world together in ways that nobody would have expected. You can now attend a college half way around the world, with students from any country with Internet access. Knowledge is expanding at a tremendous rate. Just-In-Time learning that meets the needs of individuals as they occur, makes learning more meaningful and effective. Conclusion : Conclusion e-learning has created a new dimension in education, both within and beyond the curriculum and is still looking at further opportunities of becoming more useful via new emerging technologies. We are really on the threshold of new opportunities and this is just the beginning of a new horizon of education. The power of e-learning lies in its potential to provide the right information to the right people at the right time and place, and not only due to its “anyone, anyplace, anytime model”. Technology advancements will continue to reshape learning over the Internet with increasing use of streaming, TV-quality video and simulation-based e-learning. The same technology is bound to make major inroads in schools in the coming years. One of the clearest directions that e-learning has taken in the last few years is in the development, promulgation, and adoption of a range of technical specifications and standards for e-learning. Conclusion : Conclusion The creation of technical specifications and the development and adoption of technical standards are key activities ultimately underpinning the success of e-learning globally. World over, the online education market is booming, and surveys by leading market research firms indicate that online education will follow an upward moving graph and that more and more institutions, organizations and individuals will implement this mode of learning. As per the recent remarks of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, 11th five year plan will be dedicated to “National Education”, clearly indicates the future of e-learning in India in coming years. Thank you : Thank you

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