Elderly and Disasters

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Information about Elderly and Disasters

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: ralph362005

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The Elderly & Disasters: The Elderly & Disasters Rafael Nu ñez Who are these elders you speak of?: Who are these elders you speak of? The older adult population is 65+ 13% ( ≅45 m) of the US 8% ( ≅ 524m) of the world Reasons for assistance: Reasons for assistance Overall health begins to decline around 50. Older citizens will notice loss of sight, hearing, memory capacity and physical strength. What kind of assistance is provided?: What kind of assistance is provided? Many cities and states have a department specified to cater for Elder care and needs. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations produce Prepare, Respond and Recover guides in case of emergencies. There are many services available for Senior citizens, such as: All inclusive comminuties Health Care Legal assistance Meal service What could possibly go wrong?: What could possibly go wrong? Main issues with older citizens during a disaster is physical limitations Heat Waves & Droughts: Heat Waves & Droughts Heat Waves tend to be one of America’s deadliest natural disaster although they have become less frequent and impactful in the last decade in the US. The Midwestern drought of 1980 The Northern drought of 1988 The Chicago heat wave of 1995 Storms & Floods: Storms & Floods Hurricanes and floods are another leading cause for deaths due to natural hazards in the US. Hurricane Ivan 2004 Hurricane Katrina 2005 (H. Rita was only several weeks after but did a fraction of the damage that Katrina left

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