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Information about elder scrolls online crafting skills

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: ochieng1

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Elder scrolls online crafting tips

Do different alliances have different alliances have different crafting stations Tip 1 • all the different alliances have the same crafting stations • The stations can be found in PvE zones

Forging in Tamriel are you able to get an advantage? Tip 2 Forging in Tamriel has very specific advantages as the player is able to damage an enemy much more than if he did not upgrade his weapons or armor.

Tip 3 Is a player able to craft to master two crafting skills while being able to use other crafting skills? The answer to this question is yes but as an avid gamer those points can be very vital which might be used in the battlefield so when your testing your crafting skills so do keep in mind that point might be useful in other places.

Tip 4 What are the differences between crafted gear, dungeon loot and PvP rewards? Crafted gear comes up on top from dungeon loot. This is evident you fight other enemies the crafted gear dispatches at a faster time. But the advantages of dungeon loot and pvp rewards cannot be replicated by crafters as they have own enhancements.

Tip 5 Is there a possibility that special sets can be mixed and provide the player with two or more bonuses?As a player you will be able to wear two complete sets which have a three piece requirement. But in higher levels it will be harder to get bonuses because of the two sets.

Tip 6 Do crafting skills have their own passive and active abilities? The crafting skills don’t have active abilities but instead have pretty good passive abilities.

Tip 7 Do armor have a specific style and a certain material attached to it? For example if you are a smith you have the choice from the various armor styles that you have learned. So even if you are from a specific race you can craft from the beginning.

Tip 8 Is there a way to free space in your inventory if you accumulate to much items? As things stands the way the game has been designed no spells have been designed for this purpose to free up space. The only ways is to find merchants who you can sell your excess items.

Tip 9 Is there a way to remove an enchantment if an item has been enchanted? If the item has a lock on it then the enchantment cannot be removed. And also keep in mind that traits that are found on items are permanent.

How to get style books? Tip 10 Style books locations are varied and wide but most can be found in cupboards or on a desk but if you are in a guild do ask if they can trade the style books.

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