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Published on February 23, 2014

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Elaboration Mini-Lesson : Elaboration Mini-Lesson Sheila Tunque EESL 545 2/21/2014 Objective: Objective Students will be able to expand their ideas by adding at least 2 details to a subject that they are describing. Students will be able to use descriptive words such as color, size, shape, etc. in the correct order. Introduction to strategy: Introduction to strategy Students will be using a bubble map as a tool to help them elaborate subjects that they are talking about. Bubble maps help students organize their thoughts. Introduction to strategy: Introduction to strategy People use adjectives describe things. Adjectives are words that help people distinguish one thing from another. For example, if a kid was telling their mom to bring them shoes because they forgot them she wouldn’t know what shoes she was talking about because she just said shoes. Before learning the strategy: Before learning the strategy Instructor will go in more detail about the types of adjectives using a pictorial powerpoint and provide a copy for the students. Size Shape Color Texture Demonstration of Strategy: Demonstration of Strategy Here is a picture of a cat Let’s see how many adjectives we can use to describe the cat. We will use our bubble map and our powerpoint printout as a reference. Guided Practice: Guided Practice Here is a sour gummy worm for each of you, in a small group you will use your powerpoint print out of adjectives to help you describe the gummy worm to fill in the bubble map. Authentic Meaningful practice: Authentic Meaningful practice Each of you will be given a different trinket. You will describe the trinket using 2-3 adjectives from your P owerpoint printout. Use the bubble map to help you. Assessment/Rubric: Assessment/Rubric Topics 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 5 Sentences There are 5 sentences related to morning routine. There are at least 3 sentences related to morning routine. At least 2 sentences are related to morning routine. 3 Items 3 items are included involving morning routine. 2 items are included involving morning routine. 1 item is included involving morning routine. Details Each item includes 2-3 accurate details. Each item includes at least 1 accurate detail. Some details are accurate; not every item is described. Writing Prompt: Describe your morning routine in 5 sentences. Include at least 3 items that you use to help you get ready. Describe the items using at 2-3 details. Self-Reflection: Self-Reflection Check List Did I include at least 5 sentences? Were my sentences related to my morning routine? Did I include at least 3 items that I use? Did I use my bubblemap to organize my details for my items? Was it helpful? Did I describe these items using 2-3 accurate details?

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