eJharkhand 2014 - Inaugural - N N Sinha, Principal Secretary, Dept.of IT, Government of Jharkhand

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Published on March 6, 2014

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eJharkhand 2014 - Inaugural - N N Sinha, Principal Secretary, Dept.of IT, Government of Jharkhand

Presented by: Department of Information Technology, Government of Jharkhand

Aadhaar Enrolment Status Total Population of Jharkhand– 3.29 Cr. 8.73 21.25 Enrolment Completed % Remaining Enrolment % 91.27 Aadhaar Generated % Remaining Aadhaar % 78.75

Aadhaar related Services  Aadhaar Lookup and Seeding Services(SRDH)  Aadhaar Authentication Services  Aadhaar Enabled Services  Biometric Attendance Service  Indiapost/Coop Bank Payment Service  PDS  Registration and other Services

Data Matching Service

Data Matching Service : usage

KYR Web Service

KYR Web Service: usage

EID to UID Service

EID to UID Service

EID to UID Service

EID to UID Mapping Tool

Aadhaar Enabled Ecosystem 1. Enroll for Aadhaar 2. Provide Aadhaar to Govt. Agencies / Bank / India Post 1111 2222 3333 Aadhaar Seeding Aadhaar Enabled Accounts Aadhaar Enabled Payment System Aadhaar Payment Bridge 1. Digitize data 2. Link Aadhaar 3. Service Delivery Mechanism Service Providers 1. Open / link AEBA 2. Appoint BCs and roll out AEPS

Features  Fingerprint and Iris Based Authentication  Real time monitoring  Comprehensive MIS  Lightweight System- no special hardware or algorithm  Works on multiple platforms and form factors  Robust System- Self sustained for small power cuts  Time taken to Record Attendance:   1-2 Seconds on Wi-Fi 8-11 Seconds on GPRS (SIM)  Both Entry and Exit Registration  SMS response on delay, non-marking of exit etc.

Tablet Deployment  Simple to Deploy: Few Components      Android Tablet Fingerprint Scanner Device Ready to use software ( installs within seconds) Connectivity Carrying Box  Affordable ( < INR 10,000)  Portable and easily re-locatable  Fallback options for internet   Works on Wi-Fi as well as GPRS, Wi-Fi being the primary. In case of Wi-Fi failure the system automatically switches to GPRS mode. Remembers multiple Wi-Fi’s.  Multiple Access Points : Employee marks attendance from any location/Office

Desktop/Laptop Deployment  Only Intranet/internet and FP/Iris Scanner needed  Cost: < 3500  Better speed than tablet version  Safe & Secure as within department  Easy software deployment

Advantages  Employee cannot  Mark attendance in backdate  Mark someone else’s attendance  Tracks time of entry, exit hence MIS can track hours spent in office.  Easy online registration

How it Works 1 Centralized Attendance Server 4 2 1. Attendance Request with fingerprint or iris , User ID and date/time stamp 3 2. Aadhaar mapped to User ID and biometric sent to the Authentication Server 3. On valid authentication, attendance record stored on the server. 4. Client Response from the attendance server (Success/Failed) Aadhaar Authentication Server

Employee Registration


Location Wise Employee Details

Department Wise Employee Details

Department Wise Attendance Details

Current Day and Real Time Status

Employee Search

Leave Management

Terminal Info

Major Highlights: Payment of MNREGA, NSAP, and other benefits by using Aadhaar Based Authentication and Open Architecture Android, POS and Desktop based devices Open Architecture Successfully implemented in Lali, Tetri, Chipra, Garu, Kumharia Panchayats of Ranchi District Being rolled out in both Sub and Branch Post offices in entire State

Features: Android Based POS Appln. Aadhaar / Mobile Seeding Desktop Based Appln. Beneficiary Auth India Post POS Operator Auth C++ based POS Appln Deposit Balance Enquiry Peer to Peer Transfer

Detailed Features: • Available in Android based form factor • Available in Desktop based system • Available in C++ QT platform • Supports both Aadhaar and Mobile based OTP authentication • Simple to deploy and very easy to operate • Aadhaar and Mobile Seeding facility available in the POS Software • Quick disbursement or transfer of funds, which includes Balance enquiry, Deposit, Withdrawal, Peer to Peer transfer • Scalable to include other scheme beneficiaries as and when required • Highly mobile / portable • Transparent Delivery mechanism

Existing Manual Process

India Post Solution Overview

Solution Workflow Deployment Architecture

Clear Finger print availability Mobile Conn. Availability BPM Training Issues

POS Application Screenshots  Start Screen  Operator Login  Balance Enquiry  Deposit

POS Application Screenshots  Withdrawal  Seed Aadhaar  Fund Transfer  Get KYR Data

Desktop Application Features  Click here to continue

Android Application Features

Aadhaar Seeding in India Post A/c

MIS: Homepage

MIS: Transaction Statistics

Head Office: Transaction Statistics

MIS: Transaction Statistics

MIS: Account Holders

MIS: Registered POS Details

MIS: Operator Details

MIS: Transaction Log

Aadhaar Enabled PDS: Overview

Aadhaar Enabled PDS

Aadhaar Seeding in AEPDS using SRDH KYR Web Service

AEPDS: Hand Held Device list

AEPDS HHD Transaction Details

AEPDS Dealer wise Transactions

AEPDS Dealer Transaction Details

AEPDS Dealer Transaction Details

Aadhaar Based Seeding in NSAP Scheme

NSAP Seeding Overview

Aadhaar Seeding in NSAP using SRDH KYR Web Service

NSAP Seeding verification using SRDH KYR Service

Benefits from Aadhaar Seeding  About 1.30 lac persons fake/duplicates identified  Possible to include new beneficiaries  Possible to push funds more frequently  Streamlining of admin. & fin. Arrangements  End to end traceability  Possibility of further streamlining such as elimination of need for live certificates

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