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Information about EIBTM meetings industry research analysis in Europe

Published on May 6, 2014

Author: confgeneva

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Industry research analysis in Europe. Meeting industry report

©The Rig Resea Respon The key suppliers 26 Europ In additio generate the flow Euro zon F G Switz U P Nethe B Ge ght Solution Lim arch resu dent charac characterist s responded pean countri on buyers in ed) were also of inbound a ne and elsew Finland Greece zerland Ukraine ortugal Poland France erlands Belgium Russia Italy ermany UK Spain mited/eibtm.co ults cteristics ics of the res as those ho es with the to the US, Asia o holding eve and outbound where in rece Numb Buyers Suppli Europea Buyer Agenc Corpo Not fo Other 0.9% 0.9% om 13th Nove spondents fo olding or host op ten Europ a, Australia P ents in Europ d business is ent years beg ber of respo s iers an Countrie r responden cy/Third Party rate r Profit/Asso 1.7% 1.9% 2.1% 2.3% ember 2013 or this survey ting events in pean countrie Pacific, GME pean countrie s for Europe, ginning to wa ndents s with most nt types y ociation 3.2% 3.4% 3.6% 3.9 y are shown b n Europe. Th es for genera ENA and Afric es. The rese with the imp ane. t buyer resp 9% 4.3% 4.7% below. 535 b he buyers we ating respond ca (in order o earch illustrat pact of econo 535 167 pondents 72% 16% 9% 3% Eu buyers and 1 ere based in dents shown of highest vo tes just how omic problem 7.1% uropean buy 2 167 a total of n below. olume strong ms in the 8.4% yers

©The Rig Supplier tourist or Clearly t countries inbound/ Buyers Europea increasin shown in ceremon 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% ght Solution Lim r respondents rganisations the results ar s in which th /outbound m Results - Nu an buyer resp ng to 25 for t n the chart be nies, PR prom 78.2% mited/eibtm.co s were from , transport an re influenced ey are based market in Euro umber and t pondents org the next twel elow. In add motions, fash 59.7% om 13th Nove hotels, confe nd technolog d by the prop d. However t ope. types of eve ganised an a ve months. T ition 12% sa hion shows, 57.1% ember 2013 erence venue gy providers portion of res they remain ents verage of 23 The most po id they organ training and 47.7% es, conventio and media. pondents fro an interestin 3 events each pular types o nised other e team buildin 42.3% on bureaus, om third party g illustration h over the la of events bei events which ng. 34.9% DMCs, Natio y companies of the curre ast twelve mo ng organised h included aw 28.9% 3 onal s and the nt onths d are as wards % 28.2%%

©The Rig Countrie The ave Buyers' t those for Ukraine When an change s Outboun It is inter outside E Origin o The top interestin regions g and Cen 11.0% 17 ght Solution Lim es with high rage spend p top ten coun recast for the has taken a nalysed by th slightly with g nd from Eur resting to see Europe. The of attendees ten countries ng to see Ru generating d ntral America % 8.8% 7.1% 10.7 mited/eibtm.co hest volume per buyer on tries for even e next twelve position in th he average a greater value rope e that the bu percentage Region Asia Americas Africa Australia GMENA s s of origin fo ussia and the delegates trav a, Australia P 10.8% 7% 10.4% om 13th Nove e and value o n all events in nts in Europe e months (as he top ten an annual spend e of business yers based i of buyers ho s Pacific (Middle East r delegates a e USA both a velling to eve Pacific and So 9.2% % 8.6% ember 2013 of events n Europe wa e by volume s at October 2 nd Switzerlan d for buyers, s being spen in Europe are olding events Perc hold t) attending eve appearing he ents in Europ outh Africa il 11.1% 7 8.0% s US$ 1.13 m of events he 2013) are sh nd is in a mu rather than v nt in Sweden e also taking s in regions o centage of bu ing events th 35% 43% 19% 9% 32% ents in Europ ere. Beyond t pe were Asia lustrating the 7.3% 3.4 6.8% million (844,5 eld for the las hown below. uch higher po volume of ev and Poland g large amou outside Euro uyers here pe are shown the countries a, the Gulf/M e need for fre 4% 3.5% 5.0% 4 514 Euros). st twelve mo Since last ye osition. vents, the res . nts of busine pe as follows n overleaf. It s listed here t iddle East, S equent intern % 3.2% 4.4% 4.0 Next 1 Last 1 4 nths and ear sults ess s: t is the other South national 2.0% 0% 3.6% 12 months 12 months %

©The Right Solution Limited/eibtm.com 13th November 2013 5 air routes for meetings destinations and the increasing reach of marketing for events (with social media impacting this as can be seen in later results in this report). 1. Germany 2. Spain 3. UK 4. Italy 5. France 6. Russia 7. Netherlands 8. USA 9. Belgium 10. Poland

In T g ndustry sectors The chart below ou overnment/admin 57 utlines the top ind nistration; oil/gas; 7.1% 46.3% 39.5% 3 73.1% 71.2% 55.8 ustry sectors for b ICT/computing an 33.3% 29.9% 27.9% % 51.9% 47.1% 41.3 both buyers and s nd Science, all of % 27.2% 27.2% 26.5% 3% 37.5% 41.3% 26 suppliers revealing which produce m % 23.1% 22.4% 22.1 6.9% 34.6% 35.6% 1 g slight variations ore events for sup 1% 20.1% 20.1% 18.9.2% 36.5% 25.0% when it comes to ppliers than buyer .4% 18.4% 15.3% 14 39.4% 29.8% 19.2% o training/educatio rs. . 4.3% 12.6% 10.2% % 14.4% 5.8% 22.1% on; 7.8% 7.1% 5.4% % 17.3% 13.5% 10.6 Buyers Suppliers 6%

©The Rig Size of e The cha delegate It is enco numbers experien numbers to be lim Market c Europea Europe w decrease twelve m increase changes Indicate Number Number 1 3 50 100 ght Solution Lim events- num rt below show es than large ouraging to n s over the las nced fewer at s of events a mited to those conditions an buyers def will increase e. This incre months. Howe es for the nex s reported by how the follo of events in of events in 2 ‐ 10 11 ‐ 25 26 ‐ 50 51 ‐ 100 101 ‐ 300 301 ‐ 500 01 ‐ 1000 01 ‐ 2000 2001 + mited 13th No mber of atten ws the differ r numbers. T note that 21% st twelve mo ttendees at t re being org e who really n finitely appea in the next 1 ased to 57% ever this opt xt year. Desp y buyers were owing will or the LAST 12 the NEXT 1 2.9% 3.9% 3.9% 1.0% 3.9% 3.7% 3.7% 0.6% 3.1% ovember 2013 ndees rent size of e The average % of global b nths, 65% sa their events. anised witho need to atten ar more optim 12 months, 3 % who are pre imism is not pite this, for t e +2% for las have change 2 months 2 months 8.8% % % % 8.1% 8.1% vents being size for all r uyers had ex aid numbers For many, p out matched nd. mistic. 54% s 36% said it w edicting an in so strong fo those who ha st year and a ed for your e Increase 44.8% 56.6% EIB organised w espondents xperienced in were the sa particularly at increased bu said confere will stay the sa ncrease for th r budgets, w ad reported c average forec events in Eur e 4 3 BTM Meetings with many mo was 136 atte ncreases in E me and only t corporate e udgets, deleg nce and eve ame and 10% heir own eve with 39% pred changes in b cast for next rope Same 41.6% 36.5% 21.6% 23.0% 24.2% 25 European b Global buy Industry Rese ore for up to 3 endees. European att y 14% of buy events, when gate number ents business % said it will ents in the ne dicting budge budgets, the a t year is +9.4 Decrea 13.6% 6.9% 26.5% 27.5% % .5% buyers ers earch 2013 7 300 tendee ers had higher rs have s in ext et average 4%. ase % %

©The Rig Budget c Budget c Buyers v destinati Marketin New tec Attendan Attendee Use of n Key fact It is inter service i demand levels. C see whic campaig Inte Ma ght Solution Lim change LAST change NEX views of chan ions and new ng and promo hnology sha nce numbers es from outsi new destinati tors influen resting to see s considered ed of those b Compliance w ch factors are gns not consi C Comp ernal/externa Conve arketing cam Technical mited 13th No T 12 months XT 12 months nge for a ran w technology otional budge ping event c s at your eve ide host cou ons for even cing venue e that beyon d an importa budgets, it is with industry e least impor idered impor Locatio Pr Acce Capacity of c pliance with y C Quality of c al perceptions Relations Staff a Q ntion bureau Previous e Dedicate paign that ca capability an ovember 2013 s s nge of issues y shaping eve ets ontent ents ntry nts and destina d the primary nt factor. Wh s challenging criteria is als rtant with rec rtant. on (area of c Quality of ice/value for ess (road, ra conference f your industry Quality Cleanliness of Fre conference f Ava s of the venu Leisure f ship with ven Rep awareness of Quality of bed u as an interm experience of ed technical s aught your at Recognised nd expertise 35.7% 38.5% s affecting the ent content s Increase 27.6% 62.2% 31.5% 26.6% 57.6% ation selecti y factors of lo hen budgets for venues a so rated as a cognised bra 0. 0. 0. 0. country) service money ail links) facilities criteria of food f venue ee WiFi facilities ailability ue/dest. facilities ue staff putation f needs drooms mediary f venue support ttention d brand of staff EIB 3 4 eir events ar showing high e 5 3 5 5 3 ion ocation and are limited a and suppliers a high priority ands, technic 15 15 15 15 15 15 10.5% 5.3% 5.3% .0% .0% .0% .0% BTM Meetings 37.2% 47.2% re shown bel hest increase Same 53.7% 33.2% 52.3% 56.1% 35.5% price/value f and increasin s to provide y. It is also m cal expertise, 31 31 31 31 21.1% 21.1% 21.1% 5.8% 5.8% 5.8% 5.8% 5.8% 5.8% % Industry Rese 27.1% 14.3% ow with use es. Decrea 18.7% 4.6% 16.2% 17.3% 6.9% for money, q ngly more is b the expected most interesti and market .6% .6% .6% .6% European bu earch 2013 8 % % of new ase % % % % % uality of being d service ng to ing 57.9% 52.6% uyers 73.7%

EIBTM Meetings Industry Research 2013 ©The Right Solution Limited 13th November 2013 9 Satisfaction levels with venues When asked to rate satisfaction with a range of factors at the European venues they used during the last twelve months, buyers’ responses rating Very Good were as follows, clearly indicating room for improvement in many areas including free Wi-Fi, service and food. There is a clear parallel between many factors rated as important during the selection process and those causing dissatisfaction as shown below. Factor Percentage rating Very Good Standard of bedrooms 52% Standard of conference facilities 52% Staff understanding of organiser and delegate needs 50% A/v equipment, technical facilities & support 43% Food quality & catering standards 32% Standards and speed of service 30% Availability of free Wi Fi 27% Recent trends and effects on events The effects of new technology are being widely felt throughout the meetings industry and investigating how this and other recent trends are affecting events produced the following key results: • 49% of buyers think risk assessments and/or compliance issues are increasing costs. • 46% of buyers think new technologies are adding creative options for events but are also increasing costs • 52% think using social media during the meeting is improving audience engagement • 48% think using social media increases attendance and 36% think it improves audience engagement • 47% think Health and Safety factors are increasing costs • 41% think the need to demonstrate ROI for events is saving money • 49% said online content extending audience reach was saving money and 46% said making it available online after the meeting was improving audience engagement • 43% think a less formal approach with delegates driving content on the day is saving money, 32% think it is improving audience engagement and 34% think it is increasing attendance • 42% think networking taking priority over content is saving money yet only 35% think it is improving audience engagement and 30% think it is increasing attendance. New technologies The chart overleaf reveals the high use of new technologies and forms of communications with 91% of buyers using email/mailchimp or icontact, 65% using social media to communicate before, during and

©The Rig after me smartpho apps and meeting Electron (Source: The mos different Buyers’ So Sma Ele Virtual ght Solution Lim etings and 3 ones or table d 26% QR co and 32% aft ic RFP produ : AIBTM rese st popular so uses shown Use of Tec Email cial media to artphones / ta Apps for p Web based Web based QR codes Virtual meet Cloud c ectronic RFP meetings ins Location aw mited 13th No 32% using SM ets to provide odes, 31% a ter the meeti ucts are bein earch) althou ocial media a n below. hnology , including M o communica ablets hande providing del access to co access to co Audience r s (specific ma ings in addit computing to P products e. stead of face ware software ovember 2013 MS to help w e delegates w are providing ng. ng used by 1 ugh this is an are Facebook Mailchimp/iCo ate before/ d ed out for dele legate inform onference co onference co response sys atrix barcode ion to face to o assist with .g. Starcite, C e to face mee e e.g. Foursq Crowdsou Holog with organisat with informat web based 3% of buyer n increase on k, Twitter, Yo 4 ontact uring/… egate… mation SMS ontent… ontent… stems es) for… o face… event… Cvent etings quare urcing grams EIB tion of event tion during th access to co rs in Europe n the 10% wh ouTube and 2 2 21.2 12.8% 10.8% 9.9% 5.9% 4.4% BTM Meetings ts. 42% are he conferenc onference co compared to ho were usin Linked In w 41.9 31.5% 31.5% 31.5% 31.0% 27.1% 26.1% 26.1% 2% Industry Rese handing out ce with 32% ntent during o 38% in the ng them last y with ratings of 65. 9% earch 2013 10 using the US year. f 90.6% .0% %

©The Rig Buyers’ Suppli Supplier Howeve pleasant of new d Indicate Eve Eve Clie Clie NEX Mar Bud Use ght Solution Lim Use of Socia ers' result rs were also r only 23% th tly surprised destinations, how the follo ents hosted i ents hosted i ents' Budget ents' Budget XT 12 month rketing and p dgets for indi e of new des mited 13th No al Media ts - marke optimistic ab hink that bud if budgets in possibly to t owing will or n the LAST 1 n the NEXT change LAS change NEX hs promotional b vidual event tinations for Do not use ovember 2013 et conditio bout the volu dgets will inc ncrease acco ry and stretc have change 12 months 12 months ST 12 months XT 12 month budgets ts events Faceboo Linked In Twitte Google+ YouTube social media Pinteres Othe Redd Digg ons me of events rease in the ording to buy ch budgets fu ed for your e In 5 6 s 1 s 2 In 2 2 5 7.9% 5.2% 0.4% 0.0% k n er + e a st er it g EIB s increasing next twelve yers predictio urther. events in Eur crease 51.3% 66.2% 13.2% 23.0% crease 23.9% 25.4% 56.9% 28.4% 26.6% 21.0% % BTM Meetings in the next tw months so p ons! Interestin rope Same 32.9% 27.0% 42.1% 62.2% Same 39.4% 43.7% 30.8% 55.0 41.9% % % Europe buyers Industry Rese welve month perhaps they ngly 57% pre Dec 15 8 44 17 Dec 36 31 12 74.7% 0% ean s earch 2013 11 hs. will be edict use crease 5.8% .1% 4.7% 7.6% crease 6.6% 1.0% 2.3% %

©The Rig For the f 12 mont was still • A • • C • Supplie Supplie There ap Wi-Fi. 81 dissatisf New tec Using The N U Ma Onl Less fo ght Solution Lim first time in re hs was not th mentioned f Adding value Relationship Clients havin Demonstrati rs' results - rs' results - ppears to be 1% of Europe faction for bu chnologies a e g social medi interest be e need to de Networking ta Using social m aking content ine content e ormal approa conten mited 13th No ecent years t he Global ec for some cou e for clients, ps (with client ng confidenc ng ROI. trends affec Use of tech a disconnec ean supplier uyers. dding creativ events a to raise aw efore the me monstrate R aking priority media during (twitter etc) t available on meeting extending au ach with dele nt on the day ovember 2013 the issue tha conomy, a su untries. The m careful mana ts) built on tr ce in events a cting the ma nology ct between s rs say they a ve options fo wareness and eeting ROI for events y over conten g the meeting nline after the udience reach egates driving y at will most im ure sign of re most frequen agement of c rust and exce as effective p arket uppliers and re providing or d s nt g e h g EIB mpact their c eturning conf ntly listed issu costs ellent service part of their m buyers whe it yet the lac 33 30.3 28.8% 22.7% BTM Meetings conference b fidence, altho ues were as e marketing mi n it comes to ck of it is a ca 53.0% 43.9% 42.4% 40.9% .3% 3% % Industry Rese usiness in th ough politica follows: x o availability ause of % earch 2013 12 he next l stability of Free

©The Rig Supplie QR Loc ght Solution Lim rs' results - Social me Apps for Aud R codes (spe cation aware Electronic R mited 13th No use of soci edia to comm r providing cl dience respo ecific matrix Virt Clou software e.g Cro RFP product Don't use Other (ple ovember 2013 al media Free Wif municate with lient/delegate onse systems barcodes) fo tual meetings ud computing Cven g. Foursquare owd sourcing ts eg Starcite Holograms Faceboo Twitte Linked In YouTube Google+ Pinteres social media ease specify Redd Digg 9.4 9.4 7.8% 4.7% 3.1% 3.1% fi h… e… s or… s g nt e g e,… s 1 2.9% 2.9% 1.5% 0.0% k er n e + st a y) it g EIB 32. 23.4% 23.4% 20.3% 4% 4% % 25.0% 3.2% BTM Meetings 42.2% 8% 57 Industry Rese 81 8 72.1% 67.6% 7.4% earch 2013 13 .3% 85.3%

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