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Published on February 6, 2008

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Leadership:  Leadership ELE 4EMT 1 May, 2007 George Alexander Slide2:  In order to go anywhere, you need a leader Then, what is the difference between “Leadership” and “Management” ? Leadership / Management:  Leadership / Management A clear vision and the drive to succeed The ability to translate to others: good communicator understands own vision Clear principles to guide reactions and decision for consistency Ability to make better decisions and ensure they are implemented Systems, structure and skills (processes to achieve results) Problem solving (how to) Doing it or making sure it is done Leadership / Management:  Leadership / Management Peaceful under pressure; patient able to persevere A learning disposition A self acceptance and understanding, which allows others to succeed or differ Try new things Planning and control Ability to repeat the right solutions (process) Good judgement based on analysis Able to coach others to develop skills Leadership:  Leadership The process of influencing others to achieve organisational goals. How leaders influence others:  How leaders influence others Sources of leader power Legitimate power Power stemming from a position’s position in the managerial hierarchy Reward power Power based on the capacity to provide valued rewards to others Coercive power Power based on the ability to punish others How leaders influence others:  How leaders influence others Sources of leadership power (contd) Expert power Power based on the possession of expertise valued by others Information power Power based on access and control over the distribution of information Referent power Power resulting from being liked, admired or identified with Effective use of leader power:  Effective use of leader power Likely reaction to use of power = Resistance = Compliance = Commitment Referent Expert Legitimate Information Reward Coercion More Definitions:  More Definitions Leadership is that quality which enables A to get B to do what A wants him/her to do; Leadership is that which occurs when A persuades B that B wants to do what A wants him to do; or Leadership is the process of A and B coming to an agreement about what needs to be done and then A arranging the situation so that B can do it. The Common Element:  The Common Element The crucial element in all of these definitions seems to be “an attempt to persuade another person to behave in the way in which the leader wishes him/her to behave”. This element, which is often called “leadership” or “leadership ability”, is seen typically as a set of special characteristics of an individual. Leadership Types (I & II) :  Leadership Types (I & II) A leader’s effectiveness in persuading others is not only a function of the individual characteristics but also of situational factors which might include the rewards at his disposal (Type I). The role of an appointed leader, like a department manager, an armed-forces officer, etc. (Type II). The Search for Leadership Characteristics:  The Search for Leadership Characteristics Early systematic research into leadership was concerned entirely with those personal qualities and abilities, which for some reason or the other, if present in a large quantity or in a particular combination, were thought to amount to: “leadership quality”. Continue:  Continue Intelligence, Educational attainments, Dependability in exercising responsibilities, Activity, Social participation, Socio-economic status, Sociability, (i) The average leader, either elected or appointed, is above average, compared with the group members, on the following characteristics: Stogdill (1948), reviewing some 124 published papers on leadership, summarised them in the following way: Continue:  Continue Initiative, Persistence, Knowing how to get things done, Self-confidence, Alertness to and insight into situations, Co-operativeness, Popularity, Adaptability, and Verbal facility. Continue:  Continue (ii) The characteristics required for a leader are determined to a large extent by the demands of the situation. (iii) Leaders have been found to be above average on a number of factors specific to well-defined groups, e.g. athletic ability and physical prowess in boy’s gangs and play groups, intellectual fortitude and integrity for eminent leaders in maturity. Continue:  Continue 1. Originality 2. Popularity 3. Sociability 4. Judgement 5. Aggressiveness 6. Desire to excel 7. Humour 8. Co-operativeness 9. Liveliness, and 10. Athletic ability (iv) In order of decreasing size of average correlation coefficient, the characteristics correlating with leadership are: Continue:  Continue (v) The results suggest low positive correlation between leadership and age, height, weight, physique, energy, appearance, dominance and mood control. (vi) The evidence suggests that leadership exhibited in various school situations may persist into college, vocational and community life. Leaders in different fields:  Leaders in different fields Politics Presidents, prime ministers, activists Sport Team coaches, captains Exploration/mountaineering Business ‘Captains of industry’, entrepreneurs Science Entertainment Directors, producers Military Generals, field marshals, - all ranks Family Politics (George’s thoughts):  Politics (George’s thoughts) Franklin D Roosevelt Winston Churchill John Curtin Gough Whitlam? Jim Cairns Mahatma Ghandi Mikhail Gorbachov Nelson Mandela, F W de Klerk Aung San Suu Kyi Student thoughts – Jeff Kennett Hitler – highlighting that the wrong vision and strong leadership are a dangerous mix. Sport (George’s thoughts):  Sport (George’s thoughts) Joyce Brown David Parkin –and other AFL Steve Waugh and prior cricket captains Business (George’s thoughts):  Business (George’s thoughts) Packer (the late Kerry) Rupert Murdoch Michael Chaney (former Wesfarmers/Bunnings) Myer family Richard Branson Dick Smith Other ideas from students – Donald Trump Bill Gates Military (George’s thoughts):  Military (George’s thoughts) Eisenhower, Rommel, Montgomery Napoleon, Duke of Wellington Julius Caesar General Monash Common themes:  Common themes Vision Inspiring Inspires confidence Recognised ability in field Commands trust and respect Unshakable determination Persuasive Enthusiastic Leading by example Leadership and Culture:  Leadership and Culture Applies to leaders in all situations – political, community, sport, business, family. Need to define and promote the values that should apply The best way for leaders to promote the desired values is to model the corresponding behaviours – WALK THE TALK Send the right signals! Leadership – not only at the top:  Leadership – not only at the top Leadership exists at all levels and in all walks of life. We should all be aware of what leadership roles we ourselves should take – At work At home In the community In conclusion:  In conclusion Leadership shapes the organisation – culture, attitudes and values Responsibility for effective leadership lies at all levels of organisations. However, if it isn’t right at the top, don’t expect too much down below References:  References Ribeaux P., Poppleton S.E., Psychology and Work: an introduction, MacMillan Press Ltd, 1978. Bartol K,Tein M, Matthews G, Ritson P, Scott-Ladd B, Management Foundations – A Pacific Rim Focus, McGraw-Hill, 2006 Presentations Schedule:  Presentations Schedule

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