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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Modest


Slide1:  ASTROBIOLOGY LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE Origin, evolution, distribution and destiny of life Targets: Earth, Solar and extrasolar systems Interdisciplinary: Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry… Future oriented research discipline (Space Agencies) Slide2:  Pascale Ehrenfreund, Staff Oliver Botta, ESA Postdoc Richard Ruiterkamp, AIO Inge ten Kate, AIO Nick Cox, AIO Zan Peters, Masters Zita Martins, Masters Hans Fraaije, Staff Alexander Kros, Staff Astrobiology/Soft Matter group Leiden STRW/LIC Slide3:  ORGANIC MOLECULES IN THE UNIVERSE Ehrenfreund & Charnley 2000, ARAA 38, p. 427 Slide4:  Life needs…. Water Energy Organic molecules Information replication A major fraction of Carbon is incorporated in solid aromatic networks Slide5:  SMART 1 Mission to the Moon - flight test Solar Electric Propulsion - orbits Moon for 6 months Instruments: HR-camera NIR spectrometer X-ray spectrometer Slide6:  MARS-EXPRESS - Orbiter and Lander: Launch 2003 Beagle-2 Lander: Search for Life on Mars ! This space mission investigates the evolution and the conditions on planet Mars - main objective is the search for water Slide7:  ROSETTA Comet Rendezvous Mission Launch: 2003 with Ariane-5, to Comet Wirtanen Rendezvous 2011-2013, > 20 Instruments on board Slide8:  CASSINI-HUYGENS on its way to Titan 2004 6 Instruments on board will measure the physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere and the surface of Titan Slide9:  IRSI-DARWIN CURRENT RESEARCH Soft Matter/Astrobiology Laboratory Leiden:  CURRENT RESEARCH Soft Matter/Astrobiology Laboratory Leiden Spectroscopy and photolysis studies of ices and organic molecules (Satellites, ROSETTA) Exposure of complex organics to (simulated) space conditions (ISS and BIOPAN) Testing the survival of complex organic molecules under simulated Martian conditions (EMF – Exobiology Multi-user facility) Extraction of organic matter from meteorites Astronomical search for complex organic molecules in the optical and radio range Slide11:  GROUND SUPPORT PROGRAMME FOR FUTURE MARS MISSIONS IL ten Kate 1 R Ruiterkamp 1, B Lehmann 2, C Gomez Hernandez 2, BH Foing 2, P Ehrenfreund 1 1 Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, The Netherlands 2 ESA Space Science Department, The Netherlands Vacuum chamber with a solar simulator Samples holders filled with organic molecules embedded in soil analogues: JSC Mars-1 mounted on sample tray placed in chamber Research goal Study the stability and evolution of organic molecules, embedded in Martian soil analogues, when exposed to simulated Martian atmospheres, UV radiation and oxidizing agents DATABASE Slide12:  Modern Living Cell Minimal Cell (minimal life) Reducing complexity Protocol Molecular evolution Simple Molecules Top down Bottom up CURRENT RESEARCH- A. Kros Soft Matter/Astrobiology Laboratory Leiden Solar system research in Amsterdam:  Solar system research in Amsterdam Study of planetary atmospheres Mineralogy of dust Comets and Interplanetary dust Formation of solar system: coagulation of dust particles comparative studies of proto-planetary disks Joop Hovenier, Michiel Min, Hester Volten, Alex de Koter, Carsten Dominik, Rens Waters Slide14:  Activities connected to AURORA/P. Ehrenfreund: Vice President: European Exo/Astrobiology Network EANA PI, ISS EXPOSE and PHOTON BIOPAN Experiments Co-I, ROSETTA: VIRTIS, COSAC, MIDAS Co-I, SMART-1: AMIE camera Exobiology Mars Facility/PASTEUR: PI: Ground support programme for Mars exploration Co-I: MORE experiment PI, Recognized Cooperating Laboratory RCL for Mars-Express/Beagle 2, Category Exobiology Serve as Dutch center for MARS EXPRESS data email: Slide15:  Astrobioloy in The Netherlands Pascale Ehrenfreund, LIC Leiden, Mars, Comets, Meteorites Inge ten Kate, Leiden Obs, Mars Richard Ruiterkamp, LIC Leiden, Organics in space Oliver Botta, LIC Leiden, Meteorites Hans Fraaije, LIC Leiden, Soft Matter Alexander Kros, LIC Leiden, Self assembly Mark van Loosdrecht, TU Delft, Extremophiles Gerard Muyzer, TU Delft, Microbial diversity Alan Schwartz, Univ. Nijmegen, RNA and phosphor chemistry Walter Nijman, Univ. Utrecht, Sediments Rens Waters, UVA Early Solar System Carsten Dominik, UVA, Solar System Formation Joop Hovenier, VU and UVA Planets Thomas Schalkhammer, TU Delft, Biochips Collaborations ESA SSD, NASA Ames, ISSI, Muenster, IAS, etc...

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