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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: DavidProfeSoc



A short vocabulary and key words about Ancient Egypt (2/2).

Egypt 2: At the time of the pharaohs A review of keywords and vocabulary

Take out your notebook. Write down any words you do not know. Try to translate the English word into Spanish. Are you ready?

a peasant ???

a peasant un campesino

the village ???

the village el pueblo o la aldea

common people ???

common people el pueblo (población humilde)

the straw ???

the straw paja

the mud ???

the mud barro

the clay ???

the clay arcilla

the bricks ???

the bricks ladrillos

the roof ???

the roof techo o tejado

stone ???

stone piedra

the storerooms ???

the storerooms almacenes

to attract ???

to attract atraer

come back to life ???

come back to life volver a la vida

to kill ???

to kill matar

the darkness ???

the darkness la oscuridad

the marriage ???

the marriage matrimonio

the underworld ???

the underworld el inframundo (el mundo de los muertos)

the wisdom ???

the wisdom la sabiduría

sacred ???

sacred sagrado

the afterlife ???

the afterlife la vida futura o la otra vida o la siguiente vida

a judgment or trial ???

a judgment or trial un juicio o prueba

the paintings ???

the paintings pinturas

The End

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