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Information about eggs

Published on March 18, 2009

Author: nutr245lab



Slide1:  EGGS LAB EGGS:  EGGS EGGS COMPOSITION EGGS PURCHASING:  EGGS PURCHASING Candling Determine Egg Quality Based On Observing Eggs Against A Light EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Food Preparation Emulsify Egg Yolk Lecithin Thicken & Stabilize Salad Dressings Sauces Mayonnaise Binding High Protein Content Foods Dipped in Egg White Before Battered Binder in Meatloaf Meatballs Lasagna EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Foaming 6-8 X Original Volume Aerate & Leaven Puffy Omelets Soufflés Angel Food Cake Sponge Cake Meringues Fresh Eggs Thick Egg Whites Dry Egg Whites Provide Consistent Results EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Interfering Interfere w/ Formation of Ice Crystals or Large Sugar Crystals Clarifying Egg White Protein Attracts Particles Makes Product Clear & Pure EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Factors Affecting Foaming Beating Technique Start Slow Gradually Increasing Speed Testing for Doneness Observe Peak Formation Avoid Overwhipping Prevent Collapse & Separation of Foam Temperature Bowl Beaters Eggs Room Temperature EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Factors Affecting Foaming Bowl Deep Bowl Rounded Bottom Sloping Sides Avoid Plastic Bowls Separation of Eggs Egg Yolk Contains Fat Interferes w/ Foam Egg Separators Figure 11-9 Careful Separation of Egg White from Yolk Imperative Do Not Pass Egg Back & Forth Between Two Shell Halves EGGS FUNCTIONS:  EGGS FUNCTIONS Factors Affecting Foaming Sugar Stabilizes Foam Inhibits Mechanical Coagulation Fluid Increase Volume Decrease Stability Salt Decreases Stability & Volume Rarely Added Acid Egg Whites Alkaline Lower pH More Stable Foam Hard-cooked eggs:  Hard-cooked eggs As an egg ages::  As an egg ages: Air sac increases Yolk membrane weakens Egg white thins pH of white increases

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