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Published on July 11, 2008

Author: GetaLucia



with music (George Gershwin-Rhapsody in Blue) and animation



Self Discovery Through Art For the purpose of personal analysis, Jung had talked about not judging the images of the subconscious, but simply accepting them as they came into consciousness so they could be analyzed. This was termed Automatism. Artists were fascinated by the implications of these new psychological theories. They understood from them that the unconscious has important messages for the conscious mind, but the former communicates through images (symbols and archetypes) while the latter communicates through language.


The egg was considered by many ancient cultures to be the starting point for the creation of life. The Greeks, Egyptians, Hindus, Persians, Phoenicians and others considered the egg to be very important. The word for egg in Latin was ABOVA. Experts have shown that there have existed many transcultural relations and interactions between among peoples throughout history. The same or very similar customs and symbols have been found in the cultures of quite different peoples.





In many cultures the egg was considered a symbol of all life. Ancient people believed that before anything else existed, there was one great cosmic egg from which the world hatched, giving birth to all things. The mystery of the egg, as a source of life, was one of the greatest wonders to man and it became a fertility symbol. Associated as they are with fertility and domestic life.





Egg One of the most comprehensive symbols, equally suggestive in a spiritual, physiological, and cosmological sense. Among other things, it stands for primordial chaos, the universal matrix, the great. Deep, the Virgin Mother, and also for the kosmos or world egg produced from it. As chaos or space, it is the virgin egg, unproduced; this is fructified by the spiritual ray, and from it then issues the Third Logos.






The Virgin-egg being in one sense abstract Egg-ness, or the power of becoming developed through fecundation, is eternal and for ever the same. And just as the fecundation of an egg takes place before it is dropped; so the non-eternal periodical germ which becomes later in symbolism the mundane egg, contains in itself, when it emerges from the said symbol, 'the promise and potency' of all the Universe . .






Sometimes the word is used for the circle or zero, for the egg combines the senses of fertility and sphericity in one symbol. The egg with its central germ is the circle with the point. In company with the stroke for the masculine power in nature -- sometimes represented as a vertical line it makes the number 10, or the figure of relatively perfected or complete emanation. The egg was the symbol of life in immortality and eternity, and also the glyph of the generative matrix. The anatomy of a hen's egg shows a wonderful analogy with the stages in cosmic evolution and the human principles.





As the symbol of generation, birth, and rebirth, it is "the most familiar form of that in which is deposited and developed the germ of every living being" used not only on account of the mystery of apparent self-generation, but from its spheroidal shape, the sphere and circle both being symbols of encompassing space .








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