egg donor centre in Orissa-Ivf treating infertility

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Information about egg donor centre in Orissa-Ivf treating infertility
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Published on March 4, 2014

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Raipur Fertility Research Centre is helping people build families successfully raipurivf India provides affordable, quality infertility treatments with all advanced reproductive technologies. Egg retrieval treatment in Chhattisgarh, Egg retrieval process in Raipur and have various options in Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, India. 

IVF- Treating Infertility Infertility can be due to many reasons and IVF should not be considered initially for treatment. It is practised only when other methods like fertility drugs, surgery and artificial insemination have failed. In cases of infertility, the option of IVF is advisable if any one of the partner is diagnosed with any of the following:  Endometriosis  Low sperm counts  Problems with the uterus or low fallopian tubes  Problems with ovulation  Antibody problems  Sperms are unable to go inside or survive in the cervical mucus  An unexplained fertility problem Stages of IVF Treatment The following are the stages in every cycle of IVF treatment. Ovulation Induction In this process the ovaries are stimulated so that they ripen and are able to release many eggs in one cycle. This is important process where close monitoring is done and fertility drugs are used which helps the patients to maximise their chances of conception. The following are the steps for understanding ovulation induction:  A Natural Cycle  A Stimulated Cycle  Benefits  Potential Side Effects  Cycle Cancellation

Egg Retrieval Egg Retrieval is a vital process in IVF. To understand how this is, we need to go through the following steps:  Preparation  Ultrasound- guided Transvaginal Aspiration  Recovery Insemination At this stage, the sperm and eggs finally come together. Literally meaning “fertilisation in glass” the fertility experts are able to help patients overcome numerus type of fertility problems. The following need to be clarified for a proper understanding of the procedure that takes place at this stage:  Preparation  Insemination and Fertilisation  Embryo Development  Embryo Co-Culture Embryo transfer This is the final stage of IVF. Here post the creation of the embryos they need to be placed in the uterus. This two week wait which is required post the embryo transfer and the initial pregnancy test can be very difficult and anxious for most patients. This is the time when good centres offer emotional support to the patients.  Embryo Selection  Embryo Transfer  Recovery & Implantation  Testing

Conclusion: If pregnancy has taken place, progesterone treatments will be continued for a period of time and then be gradually reduced as gradually the body will take charge of the normal hormone production. Also a regular OBGYN will now be required for the complete prenatal care. In case pregnancy has not taken place, progesterone supplements are stopped and cycle is ended. If the couple wants to go for another IVF cycle, it is advisable to wait for one or maybe two complete menstrual cycles and then start fresh treatment. This allows the body time to recover and is also a time for the centres to review their treatment in details and if required do some strategy changes in the forthcoming cycles. Also if the frozen embryos are available for transfer, the ovulation induction phase will not be required in the subsequent IVF cycles.

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