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Published on June 19, 2007

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FedoraNew Features, New Collaborations, Bright Future:  Fedora New Features, New Collaborations, Bright Future Fedora Users Conference Copenhagen, Denmark September 28, 2005 Sandy Payette Co-Director Fedora Project Cornell University Fedora Brief History:  Fedora Brief History Cornell Research (1997-present) DARPA and NSF-funded research First reference implementation developed Interoperable Repositories (experiments with CNRI) Policy Enforcement First Application (1999-2001) University of Virginia digital library prototype Technical implementation: adapted to web; RDBMS storage Scale/stress testing for 10,000,000 objects Open Source Software (2002-present) Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grants Technical implementation: XML and web services Fedora 1.0 (May 2003) Fedora 2.0 (Jan 2005) Fedora 2.1 (coming soon!) Fedora Development Team:  Fedora Development Team Cornell University Sandy Payette (co-director) Chris Wilper Carl Lagoze Eddie Shin University of Virginia Thorny Staples (co-director) Ross Wayland Ronda Grizzle Bill Niebel Bob Haschart Tim Sigmon “Fedora Inside” Known Use Cases:  'Fedora Inside' Known Use Cases Digital Library Collections Institutional Repository Educational Software Information Network Overlay Digital Archives and Records Management Digital Asset Management File Cabinet / Document Management Scholarly publishing Fedora Repository and Web Services:  Fedora Repository and Web Services Web Services Exposure RDF files rdbms Slide6:  Digital object identifier Reserved Datastreams Key object metadata Disseminators Pointers to service definitions to provide service-mediated views Datastreams Aggregate content or metadata items The Basics: Fedora Digital Object Model Container View Persistent ID (PID) Dublin Core (DC) Datastream Datastream Audit Trail (AUDIT) Relations (RELS-EXT) Disseminator Default Disseminator Fedora – Object Model XML:  Fedora – Object Model XML FOXML (Fedora Object XML) Simple XML format directly expresses Fedora object model Easily adapts to Fedora new and planned features Easily translated to other well-known formats Enhanced Ingest/Export of objects FOXML, METS (Fedora extension) Extensible to accommodate new XML formats Planned: METS 1.4, MPEG21 DIDL Fedora 2.1“Release Notes”:  Fedora 2.1 'Release Notes' Fedora Service Framework(Fedora 2.1):  Fedora Service Framework (Fedora 2.1) 2.1 Release Notes:  2.1 Release Notes Authentication plug-ins HTTP Basic auth Tomcat realms and login modules Plug-in #1 : Tomcat user/password file or database Plug-in #2 : LDAP tie-in Plug-in #3 : Radius Authentication Support for SSL Authorization module XML-based policies using XACML Repository-wide policies Object-specific policies Fine-grained policy enforcement API actions X subject attributes X object attributes XACML Policy Examples:  XACML Policy Examples Repository-wide Policy [xacml-1] Deny access to DC datastream to specific user group Object-specific Policy Deny all access to the object 'cornell:cs100' if user is a not a Cornellian. Genre-oriented Policy [xacml-2] For objects with content model of 'uva-image', permit students access to disseminations, but deny them access to raw datastreams, but allow professors access to both. Time-oriented Policy Permit students access to 'answers' datastream of learning object cs:125 after May 15, 2005 Backend Service Security Policy Deny callback by the external MRSID service identified as 'bmech:10' 2.1 Release Notes:  2.1 Release Notes Review of RDF-based Resource Index 'Relationships' Datastream Ontology of common relationships (RDF schema) RDF stored in datastream identified by 'RELS-EXT' Resource Index (RI) RDF-based index of repository (automatic indexing into Kowari triple-store)) Graph-based index includes: Object properties and Dublin Core Object-to-object relationships Datastream Disseminations (and properties) RI Search (Search the repository as a graph) Powerful querying of graph of inter-related objects REST-based query interface (using RDQL or ITQL) Results in different formats (triples, tuples, sparql) 2.1 Release Notes:  2.1 Release Notes New in Fedora 2.1 for Resource Index Resource Index corruption problems diagnosed and fixed (Kowari memory bug) Minor RI model changes (may require modification of existing static queries by users Relaxation of validation rules on RELS-EXT: now accepts ( objectURI --- relation/property --- andgt; URI/literal) Method Disseminations (and properties) with option for method X parmVal permutations Scale and Performance Testing (NSDL 2M objects, andgt;100M triples) Sesame support for triplestore Slide14:  RI: Fedora Objects RDF Graph view Collection Object Member Object Fedora 2.1 Release Notes:  Fedora 2.1 Release Notes PROAI Server (Advanced OAI Provider) Harvest multiple metadata formats Harvest datastreams and disseminations Support for incremental harvest by modified date Support for OAI sets Highly configurable via queries against Resource Index Directory Ingest Service Facilitate ingest of hierarchical directories of files Submit files as .zip or .jar (with a METS manifest) Automatically asserts parent-child relationships in RELS-EXT Stages content and ingests as FOXML objects into repository Directory Ingest Client Web client (signed applet) Browse directory trees, select dir/files, add metadata, add relations Auto-generates METS manifest for entire collection Packages as zip/jar and ingests into Fedora repository 2.1 Release Notes:  2.1 Release Notes Rebuild Utility for Repository Indices Improved logging using log4j Trippi.log Kowari.log Repository log Handle System Plug-in for PID Generation Command-line utility syntax changes New Command-line utilities fedora-reload-policies validate-policy fedora-rebuild FedoraClient utility class for building new clients Fedora Future2006-2007:  Fedora Future 2006-2007 You asked…:  You asked… 'We wish for a out-of-box' end-user client for Fedora.' 'Can’t you put the DSpace interface on top of a Fedora repository?' 'We need something to show people Fedora right away (before we get $$ for development resources).' 'We love Fedora. It would be really great if you distributed a default end-user client.' The Answer: FIRE Client:  The Answer: FIRE Client Web-based client for 'institutional repository' End-user content submission Object creation template for 'content models' Configurable Workflows XACML policies coordinated with workflow Search/Browse collections Development in progress! Slide20:  Fedora Service Framework (2005-07):  Fedora Service Framework (2005-07) Fedora Development Priorities2006-2007:  Fedora Development Priorities 2006-2007 Fedora Framework Services Federated Repositories 'Fedorations' with name service Federation with other repositories (DSpace, aDORE, arXiv) Cornell/LANL NSF Pathways project InterDisseminator 'Content Model' Specification Language Advanced Object Creation Workbenches Tools for RDF browse and graph traversal Scalability/Performance – very large repositories Web services security and Shibboleth Code Refactoring Fedora as web app (.war) Fedora Showcase and News (on new website) Community Coordination and Co-Development Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups:  Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups Preservation Working Group (Ron Jantz, Rutgers) Requirements for preservation services Define service APIs and technical integration with Fedora 2.1 + Preservation metadata recommendations for Fedora Prototyping of new services Development plan for deployment of new services Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups:  Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups Workflow Working Group (Peter Murray, OhioLink) Sep 05: WORKFLOW WG chartered and begins work Oct 05: Submit 'terminology and problem statement' document to fedora-users for review Nov 05: Submit modeling diagrams, workflow process descriptions, and recommendation for workflow engine to fedora-users for review Feb 06: Release alpha-quality version of ingestion workflow engine Apr 06: Release beta-quality version of ingestion workflow engine Aug 06: Release production-quality version of ingestion workflow engine Nov 06: Revise documents based upon implementation experience Feb 07: Release alpha-quality version 2.0 of ingestion workflow engine Apr 07: Release beta-quality version 2.0 of ingestion workflow engine Aug 07: Release production-quality version 2.0 of ingestion workflow engine Sep 07: Close or recharter the WG Sample Workflows:  Sample Workflows Validate byte- streams Ingest to Repo Link to Simulation Service Assign Access Policy Index and Register Ingest-oriented process Diagnose Problems Format Migration Object Versioning In Repo Make Copies Ingest To Archive Preservation-oriented process Ingest To Archive SIP Digital Object Submit Review Edit Review Assign Policy Publish Review-oriented process thesis Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups:  Collaboration: Fedora Community Working Groups Outreach Working Group (Linda Langschied, Rutgers) Improve content of Fedora web site More user-oriented information (currently technical focus) Community Showcase – demos, graphics Survey database with simple web form to profile users Collaboration Environment Wiki, Confluence, other? Content Model Working Group (under charter) Formalization of notion of Fedora content model XML schema to define content models Investigate ontology-based content model definition Round up existing content models and publish to promote reuse Fedora Community:  Fedora Community Fedora Advisory Board Vision Commission Working Groups Prioritize Development Define Sustainability Model Collaborative Development Opportunities Share Tools via www.fedora.info User-contributed Tools, Apps, Services Fedora Community (a sampling):  Fedora Community (a sampling) General questions Hot topics Workflow Digital object typing Rdf and relationships Search and indexing Collaboration models other Demos Encylopedia of Chicago NSDL New Fedora Web Site!www.fedora.info:  New Fedora Web Site! www.fedora.info

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