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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: FamLifDoc

Source: authorstream.com

EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY : EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY STAGE 2 STEPS 5-7 CH (MAJ) Matthew L. Gibson, D.Min, M.Div, M.S. Techniques Used : Techniques Used 1. Tracking 2. Reframing 3. Softening 4. Heightening 5. Emphatic Conjecture EFT Cycle Diagram : EFT Cycle Diagram Larry and Joyce then Have good days then the Cycle starts again. Larry wants to be first With Linda , but when He feels he isn’t first He accuses her of Cheating. Joyce feels that she Is paying for his other Wife’s affairs, however She tries to assure Larry she places him first. Larry wants to be first but when he feels that Linda is placing everyone else first he retreats, but is defensive then goes silent. Joyce in a effort to soothe Larry, pursues him, then walks away feeling hurt. Cycle Name: Trust vs. Mistrust Joyce & Larry DANCE Process Diagram : Process Diagram Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Larry, you feel that You are being attacked And when you are Attacked you become Defended. Is that right? Joyce it sounds like You are constantly On guard and feel the Need to defend yourself Is that right? I want you to trust me Larry and I need you To be nice to me. Process Language of Couple : Process Language of Couple Larry Joyce Larry Joyce I am hear To let her say What she needs To say. I need you To be nice To me Larry. I want to be an Equal with her And I want her To not treat me Like a child. I can’t live like This anymore, I want a separation! Mapping The Session : Mapping The Session Restructuring Interactions Stage 7 Reframe Reframe Stage 6 Stage 5 Reflecting Joining

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