EFT On Feeling Disappointed

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Information about EFT On Feeling Disappointed
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Published on February 16, 2009

Author: chriscase

Source: slideshare.net


This presentation was created to assist you in eliminating feelings and experiences of disappointment.

EFT On: Feeling Disappointed helping you to... To begin the presentation click on the triangle below www.chriscaseeft.com

All products and services offered by rely on one’s ability to apply the basic EFT technique. If you are not familiar with this technique please experience the “How To EFT” presentation at www.chriscaseeft.com/id3.html

Disclaimer EFT provides impressive results for most people, but there is no guarantee that it will achieve your goals or be as painless as it is for others. Please accept full responsibility for your use of EFT and any negative reaction you might have as a result of using it.

Find Something You Are Feeling Disappointed About Rate Your Discomfort Level On a Scale From 0 to 10 0 = It doesn’t bother me at all 10 = I’m absolutely miserable

•Now Take A Deep Breath •Rate Your Discomfort Level Again •Notice whether your discomfort has lessened

For More Information on how to…. www.chriscaseeft.com

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