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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: parker

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European Foundation for Quality Management :  European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM, a not-for-profit membership foundation, is the creator of the EFQM Excellence Model, manages the European Quality Awards, and is a resource to European organisations on business and continuous improvement disciplines, tools and techniques. Slide3:  EFQM Overview EFQM Today Public Sector activities EFQM Local Government Prize Agenda Presenting EFQM:  Presenting EFQM EFQM Explained 14 Organisations Vision and Mission Current Members The Benefits Use of the EFQM Excellence Model Implementing Organisational Excellence Our Activities Management Practice Studies Model Related Recognition Networking and Member Services Origins of EFQM:  To stimulate and, where necessary, to assist management in adopting and applying the principles of organisational excellence To improve the competitiveness of European Industry and to close the gap of competitiveness between Europe and US/Japan Supported by the European Commission in The European Quality Promotion Policy Origins of EFQM EFQM Explained "the battle for quality is one of the prerequisites for the success of your companies and for our competitive success". - Jacques Delors, EC President The Very Beginning:  Founded in 1989 by 14 leading European organisations :  BT plc  KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines  Robert Bosch GmbH  Nestlé AG  Bull SA  Philips Electronics NV  Ciba-Geigy AG  Ing. C. Olivetti & C.S.p.A.  Dassault Aviation  Renault  AB Electrolux  Gebr. Sulzer AG  Fiat Auto Spa  Volkswagen AG The Very Beginning EFQM Explained Key Milestones:  Key Milestones EFQM Explained 1989 1991 1992 1995 1996 1999 2001 present EFQM Excellence Model launched First EQA in Madrid presented by King of Spain Creation of Benchmarking Services Creation of Public Sector Award with EC support Creation of SME Award with EC support Fundamental revision of Model Creation of Network of National Partners Launch of Excellence One and Levels of Excellence Slide8:  EFQM Explained Vision and Mission Vision: A world in which organisations in Europe excel Mission: To be the driving force for sustainable excellence in organisations in Europe Objectives: A place to share, investigate and validate management practices that make a difference A variety of routes to business improvement and development Recognition of progress in organisational excellence through the EFQM Levels of Excellence Membership Growth:  Membership Growth EFQM Explained 14 members in our first year Over 750 members today! Rate of 70 new members each year Introduction of National Partners Across all Sectors private, public, non-for-profit all sizes, all industries Across the Globe All European countries Now extended to non-European organisations EFQM Members by Country:  EFQM Members by Country 750 Members in 2003 EFQM Explained 56 11 51 87 1 28 67 11 10 11 14 7 9 26 4 7 182 8 1 1 8 2 2 6 4 4 6 3 16 35 40 17 1 1 Cyprus: 2 Malta:1 South Africa: 1 The Netherlands Antilles: 1 United Arab Emirates: 3 Iran : 1 National Partner Organisations:  National Partner Organisations EFQM Explained Network of 25 NPOs Austrian Association for Quality Bbest Center for Ledelse Center for Excellence Finland Mouvement Français pour la Qualité DGQ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität Hellenic Management Association Associazione Italiana per la Qualità Excellence Norway Associaçao Portuguesa para a Qualidade Club Géstion de Calidad Swedish Institute for Quality Swiss Association for Promotion of Quality Turkish Society for Quality British Quality Foundation Centre for Competitiveness Quality Scotland Foundation Wales Quality Centre Excellence Ireland Czech Society for Quality (New!) Hungarian Quality Development Centre (New!) Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (New!) Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (New!) Ukrainian Association for Quality (New!) Who is using the Model? :  Who is using the Model? More than 20,000 organisations across Europe 60% of Europe’s largest 25 companies 9 of the 15 European companies in the FT’s 50 World’s Most Respected Companies in 2002 More than 10,000 SMEs 20 out of the 50 Eurostock companies The Benefits  The EFQM Excellence Model is a registered trademark of EFQM Who is using the Model? :  Who is using the Model? More than 18 different Excellence-related Awards throughout Europe European Quality Award Austrian Quality Award Belgian Quality Award Danish Quality Award Irish Business Excellence Awards Finnish Quality Award French Quality Award Ludwig Erhard Award Italian Quality Award INK Prize (based on Model) Northern Ireland Quality Award Norwegian Quality Award Excellence Award, Portugal Scottish Award for Business Excellence Swedish Quality Award Esprix Swiss Quality Award for Business Excellence UK Business Excellence Award National Quality Award Turkey Wales Quality Award The Benefits  The EFQM Excellence Model is a registered trademark of EFQM Importance of Excellence :  Importance of Excellence EFQM-derived Common Assessment Framework has been adopted by Public Sector Fundamental Concepts The Benefits The Impact of Excellence :  The Impact of Excellence Does Quality impact the Bottom-Line? Study shows that stock prices of award winners increased by an average of 114% over a five-year period The Benefits Source: Vinod Singhal, “TQM Boosts the bottom line”, April 2002 Winners improved sales by 69%, total assets by 79% Award winners outperformed benchmarks on operating income by 56% Triangle of Activities:  Triangle of Activities Three interrelated activities shaping an integrated, organisational framework underpinned by the EFQM Excellence Model Management Practice Studies Model-related Recognition Activities Networking opportunities & Member Services Our Activities Slide17:  The EFQM Excellence Model Management Practice Studies Networking & Member Services Model Related Recognition Our Activities Management Practice Studies:  Management Practice Studies The EFQM Excellence Model Management Practices Excellence One Good Practices and Benchmarking Our Activities Access to a live repository of Management Practices gathered through Benchmarking and Networking Slide19:  Electronic Good Practice Studies provide: A comprehensive, interactive, online learning platform for Performance Excellence Cutting-Edge Quality Management News on the latest ideas and validated practices Insights from the best organisations Over 600 pages on key management practices Discussion Forums and Virtual Communities of Practice to connect peers and specialists Benchmarking Good Practice Database Actual Reports from EQA Winners and Finalists Select by country, sector, company Management Practices Our Activities Slide20:  Management Practices Physical Good Practice Studies provide: An independent provider of Benchmarking Services at a Pan-European level Ability to help others with the transfer and adoption of Management Practices Common Interest Days Benchmarking Groups Benchmarking Study Projects How-to Workshops Fast Track Benchmarking Research Consortia Our Activities Model Related Recognition:  Model Related Recognition The EFQM Excellence Model Promoting European-wide learning about the value of Organisational Excellence Our Activities Levels of Excellence European Assessor Training Courses Refreshing the Model Self-Assessment Training Deploying the Model:  Deploying the Model EFQM multi-level recognition programme featuring the European Quality Award as the pinnacle Harmonisation of national and regional awards Sector-specific guidelines and Awards Model-related training programmes Research on the concept of Organisational Excellence Model-related materials including licensed training materials Printed Publications in major European Languages Electronic - Intellectual Property Agreement for Intranet use for our member organisation deployment Our Activities Slide23:  EQA Committed to Excellence • Based on the full EFQM model • Max of 75 page submission in English • Team of 4 - 8 International Assessors • Consensus and Site Visit • Enhanced Feedback • Recognition at around 550+ points • Based on the full EFQM Model • 51 page structured submission in the local language • 3 - 5 Assessors • Consensus and Site Visit • Feedback Report at criteria level • Recognition at 400+ points • Based on the 9 criteria of the Model • 12 page Action Plan in the local language • Two stage process, assessment and site visit • Supported by one Validator • Recognition based on implementation of an Action Plan Levels of Excellence Our Activities Networking & Member Services:  Networking & Member Services The EFQM Excellence Model Our Activities Enhancing networking and sharing opportunities on route to business improvement and development EFQM Events Communities of Practice Member Services:  Member Services Free individual access to Excellence One 10 subscriptions for A Member 5 subscriptions for B Member 2 subscriptions for C Member 1 subscription for D & Associate Member Use and disseminate freely the EFQM Excellence Model inside your organisation Free access to the EFQM Benchmarking Good Practice Database Validated Self-Assessment Methods EQA Assessor (professional development) Our Activities Member Services:  Member Services CEO Round Tables EFQM Forum Learning Edge Conference Training Licences Model-related educational programmes National Member Groups Targeted Newsletters Member-driven EFQM magazine Preferential rates for publications, training courses Our Activities Slide27:  Networking Communities of Practice Drive Communities of Practice to monitor and develop good practices on a topic, in a sector, or for a function Virtual Communities of Practice Join our VCoPs which enable you to discuss with your peers and collaborate on documents together on-line EFQM Events All EFQM Events, such as the Forum, Learning Edge, Benchmarking activities, and Training, provide opportunities to meet peers & experts Our Activities Slide28:  Communication EFQM News Monthly newsletter sent by PDF to all Members Can be placed on your Intranet Making Best Use of Membership Monthly Topic Networking EFQM Internal News Calendar of Events EFQM Website Member Section Benchmarking Reports Representative Directory Membership Events Slide29:  Marketing & Member Relations Melissa Rancourt – Head of Department Vinciane Beauduin – beauduin@efqm.org Françoise Thomas – thomas@efqm.org Geni Luengo – luengo@efqm.org Alexis Willems – willems@efqm.org Patricia Bilteryst – bilteryst@efqm.org General request: info@efqm.org Tel: +3227753511 Fax: +3227753596 General Inquiry about EFQM EFQM Today :  EFQM Today Slide31:  Activities & News New and updated Publications EFQM Excellence Model: Large Org, SME, Public Sector Assessing for Excellence Fundamental Concepts Introducing Excellence Case Studies: Future Bank and Spectrum New Case Study: Mid-East Police Assessment Training Courses New Self-Assessment Course New European Assessor Training New pass/fail criteria for Assessed version Roll-out to National Partner Organisations European Quality Award 210 Award Assessors in 2003, 30% New Raising the standards - Set of Criteria for an Assessor Slide32:  Activities & News Good Practice Visit Programme 6 visits in 2004 Members-only, Low cost Benchmarking Activities Benchmarking Group How-to Workshops Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma Scenario Planning Risk Management Good Practice Database Recently updated to last EQA applications Excellence One Peer Assist: to connect you to benchmarking partners Activities & News:  Activities & News Research Above the Clouds Future Studies Project Deciding on the Future of Work Feeding the next generation Model development CEO Round Tables Opportunity for Member CEOs to network and share practices Slide34:  Press Press Related Events Press Page on web site: EFQM in the News & Press Releases ISO in collaboration with EFQM produced a special ISO magazine dedicated to EFQM/ISO EFQM was part of a business segment on EuroNews in March 2003 Press programme for Helsinki Forum 2003 included visit to Finnish companies from journalists Press programme for Berlin Forum 2004 currently being developed Slide35:  Promotion Promotion opportunities for Members Exhibition booths available for EFQM Members EFQM Forum EFQM News Success Stories always welcome Description of New Members Listing of companies attaining Recognised for Excellence and Committee to Excellence Excellence One -- always looking for content on organisations applying successful management practices Slide36:  External Relationships European Commission Involved in project to assess and audit activity of Information and Communication at the EC Part of EC Working group for tools for CSR Worked with EC to have Common Interest Day on CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Working with Global Compact Writing guidelines to manage CSR with Model Development Programme with United Nations Public Sector :  Public Sector Slide38:  “Improving Public Sector Performance Group” Consist of 4 sub-groups – Communities of Practice: Education Health Government Academic Board Mission: to promote and support improvements by the use of Excellence Concepts in Public Sector Organisations Public Sector Steering Group Slide39:  Education Forum for people within the Education community Main focus are networking and partnership development, benchmarking, research and evaluation Health Sector Forum for Health care services organisations Hospitals, public health systems, general practitioners, specialists, laboratory technicians, dentistry, pharmacy, mental health care, home care, private care services, doctors, nurses, midwives, therapists and academics Communities of Practice Slide40:  Local and Central Government Provide a pan European networking forum While facing some very country specific issues, there is also a number of common topics, problems and practices to share Academic Board Group of universities who run the European Masters Programme in TQM Annual Summer School Communities of Practice Slide41:  Public Sector Public Sector Advisory Team Mr Jack Hudson Mrs Carolina Sanchez PublicSector@efqm.org Contact Person EFQM Local Government Prize :  EFQM Local Government Prize Sponsored by CISCO, HP and CGE&Y Slide43:  To Extend the knowledge & involvement of Local Government in continuous Business Improvement   Support E.U. initiatives relating to eGovernment  Accelerate the adoption of eGovernment with Local Authority & Regions  LGP - Objectives Slide44:  2 Levels of Recognition Based on EFQM Levels of Excellence scheme and E-Readiness tools Culminates in annual European Prize/Prizes LGP – Overall Process Slide45:  Apply to NPO/invited to apply for Committed to Excellence (C2E) Undertake E-Readiness Successful at both - receive national recognition Possible referral for European Prize at level 1 LGP – Process Level 1 Slide46:  Apply to NPO/invited to apply for Recognised for Excellence (R4E) Undertake E-Readiness Successful at both - receive national recognition Possible referral for European Prize at Level 2 LGP – Process Level 2 Slide47:  NPOs and EFQM nominate best applicants from National Levels Citation forwarded to Jury Jury = EFQM, Sponsors and EC representative Jury select prize winner/winners at each level Presented during annual EFQM Forum LGP – European Prize Slide48:  Structured methods for identifying strengths and areas for improvement and implementing improvements Financial assistance through sponsorship to implement processes and gain recognition Processes fit with requirements from ALL governments to identify improvements and improve services and performance LGP – Applicants Benefits Slide49:  EFQM Local Government Prize: Project Advisor Mr René-Charles Tisseyre tisseyre@efqm.org Mrs Margot Van Zon vanzon@efqm.org Contact Person European Foundation for Quality Management :  European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM, a not-for-profit membership foundation, is the creator of the EFQM Excellence Model, manages the European Quality Awards, and is a resource to European organisations on business and continuous improvement disciplines, tools and techniques.

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