Efficient tips to quit smoking

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Published on July 22, 2018

Author: Vapecart

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Slide1: Efficient T ips to Quit Smoking www.vapecart.in Slide2: www.vapecart.in Smoking is a habit which is started with thoughts that it is just recreation. Overtime, smoking changes into addiction without which one would not be able to stay stress-free. Half the battle is won when an individual decides to quit smoking. But knowing where to start on the path of leading a smoke-free life is a very arduous task. A strong-willed person can leap and overlook all the irresistible urges to smoke. Quitters can also lead a smoke-free life if they keep a check on their desire to smoke. Slide3: www.vapecart.in Some practical ways to stop smoking are as follows: Eradicate the causes to smoke A complete and thorough clean-up of houses and cars should be done to remove cigarettes , ashtrays, smoke odors and other cues of smoking. Living with a smoker can prove to be difficult for the individual to quit. Instead of procrastinating the quit-smoke campaign one can always think of a plan to eliminate the causes. Slide4: www.vapecart.in Be patient Desires to smoke would not vanish in an instant. Giving time to oneself to overcome smoking is essential. The first 7 to 10 days are most tiring and tedious. One should never blame oneself or create feelings of guilt for starting to smoke. Even several months or years after leading a smoke-free life, one may have occasional cravings for a cigarette . Slide5: www.vapecart.in Keep making attempts and do not lose heart When a smoker decides to quit she/he can do so. It may take time and will be a strenuous job for the quitter. One has to keep trying and look for other methods which can help in making the task easier. Alternatives to using e-cigarettes can be taken into consideration. One can search for vaporizer online india to break the addiction to smoking. Slide6: Change routines and remove stressors A person who smokes regularly has a schedule with built-in smoke breaks. The same person, when decided to quit, will be stricken with cravings at those times. Making a plan and knowing those times can help to avoid smoking. The concerned person can also look for alternatives to smoking like buying a vape pen india . www.vapecart.in Slide7: Email us: admin@vapecart.in Website: www.vapecart.in Contact US

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