Effects Of Indoor Environmental Quality On The Occupants Of Islamic University-Gaza, Palestine

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: khalil1979

Source: slideshare.net


Indoor environmental quality is one of the most important factors that affect the residents of the indoor locations, and IUG is considered as a leader in the pursuit of providing satisfaction for workers. This study aims to identify the impact of the elements of indoor environmental quality on the employees of the Islamic University and to compare these elements with the international recognized standards. This study was conducted on 22 rooms within IUG, where employees spend more 7 hours in their offices during three seasons: winter, spring)the second semester) and summer, in two stages, the first stage: field work, by measuring the concentration of CO2,CO,HR,T, PM and noise by using the relevant devices, the second stage: designing a questionnaire for exploring the extent of the impact of these factors on the employees working indoors.

Research Justifications The human element is an important for the success of the work of any institution IUG is located between several streets that has crowded traffic where contributing to raise the level of pollutants Reconstruction around the university which increase the particulate matter and noise ratio by machinery used

The statistics obtained from the Medical Service of IUG confirm that more than 500 employees were absent from the university to excuse patients in 2011 Research justifications The interruption of electric current made the university relies heavily on a generator that increases the likelihood of high pollutant inside

The General Purpose Of This Study Focusing On The Effect Of IEQ In The Islamic University Employees

Q1: What is the level of IEQ in the University Rooms? Q2: What is the impact of the elements of the IEQ on the occupant's? Q3: What is the impact of the IEQ on the professional performance for occupants? Study Tries To Answer The Following Questions:

1. Monitor the levels of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and PM. 2. Investigate the thermal comfort inside the university buildings. 3. Monitor noise levels at different site inside the campus. 4. Examine the relationship between the study parameters. 5. Check the relation between the IEQ and job satisfaction.

There is no statistical difference in the mean averages of the questionnaire results according to floor that has the room (Ground, second , third, fourth, fifth). There is no statistical difference in the mean averages according to the seasons (winter, summer). Hypotheses There is statistical difference in the mean averages of the questionnaire results according to ventilation method (Windows, fans, Air Conditioning).

Methodology Literature Collection And Review, which is aimed to have a clear understanding of the previous experiences and findings of previous researchers in the field. This stage assisted in the formulation of the theoretical bases of the current study. Data Measurements, was connected with the (IUG) room's at different floor(different heights) at different time (8:30 am, 11:30 pm, 2:30 pm) In the winter and summer

Questionnaire Design, to find out the extent of satisfaction about the internal environmental conditions and their impact on employees‘. Where the population size is 1055 employees, 350 questionnaire was distributed, then received 294. Data Analysis And Interpretation, Statistical analysis of the result was conducted using SPSS and Excel, compared the result with standard's, linking the result with the questionnaire to knowing the environmental satisfaction in the jobs. Methodology

Thesis Structure

Instruments Sound level meter Handheld Particle Counter IAQ Monitor Models

Study Results

CO2 Concentrations

CO Concentrations

Buildings WestG Stud.Af Secr.5.E Secr.3.N Secr.3.E Secr.1.E NorthG Med Lib4 Lib2 Lib1 IT.5 IT.3 IT.1 Finance EastG Csced.5 Csced.3 Csced.1 Cafeteri Cafkitc Ad.Reg CO2(ppm) 1,400.00 1,200.00 1,000.00 800.00 600.00 400.00 200.00 0.00 V.R(L/s) 12.50 10.00 7.50 5.00 2.50 0.00 The relationship between ventilation rate and CO2

CO2 During Three Periods Inside The Buildings

sound level measurements

PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations level during working day inside the building.

Thermal comfort Symptoms among occupants

Relationship between the seasons and study data

Relationship between the floor elevation and study data winter Summer

The impact of floors elevation on Occupants Opinion Summer Winter

The impact of location on Occupants Opinion

The impact of ventilation method according Occupants Opinion

Employees satisfaction degree in their offices

Conclusions More than 80% of IUG employee feel thermal comfort inside their office. CO concentration is less (9 ppm ) Even inside the cafeteria The offices that depend on air conditioning for ventilation have the highest CO2 concentration than others which used natural ventilation methods

Conclusions There are statistically differences in the mean average among the CO2 concentration measurement according to season, and the best measurements were in summer. There is a negative correlation between CO2 concentration and ventilation rate according to the measurements. PM concentrations in all university offices are higher than USEPA standards and there are also significant differences between the concentrations of PM in summer, winter and second semester.

There are health effects associated with high CO2 and PM. Carpet and students movements are essential sources for dust inside offices, especially in winter, but in summer traffic increase the proportion of dust. Conclusions The noise level in all university offices is higher than the WHO standard in summer, but in other seasons is nearly 50%. Opening windows and turning on fans for ventilation increase the noise level.

 There are no statistically differences in the indoor environmental parameters measurements mean according to floor level, but the sound level has statistically differences Conclusions Fifty percent of the university employees feel comfortable in their work places, but forty five percent need some changes in their office to feel comfortable. There is low level in productivity in winter more than summer.

Recommendations Regular and periodical monitoring of the indoor environmental parameters. CO2 concentration should be adopted to check for any IAQ problems related to ventilation system. Providing Detector equipment of CO2 gas in the departments in which CO2 measurements exceeds the allowable extent, in order to prevent exposing the employees to high and dangerous proportion. To reduce using generators and depend on clean energy or transmit them to a place away from the university buildings to avoid their gases and noises.

Airing departments and renewing air in the morning before initiating work inside them to get rid of accumulated gases and bad smells during night. Recommendations Cleaning air is a basic key to obtain a kind of clean interior air by the use of air Suction equipment from inside rooms , especially getting rid of particle matters which are found in high concentration, putting in consideration that Suction equipments is far enough to reduce the level of noise. Cleaning departments' grounds which are covered with carpets, particularly the crowded ones with daily revisers to reduce the amounts of dust which disappear inside the ground.

Recommendations Closing the windows at the time of huge traffic movement to reduce noise and leakage of pollution inside the departments and Open the windows from time to another to renew air closed rooms in Winter Sitting prints and photocopiers a place which have more air and far from employees' breathing. To raise students' awareness inside the university to the necessity of turning down high voices in departments to reduce the level of noise.

Recommendations To raise employees awareness of inconvenience dangerous of indoor environmental parameter for hygiene, especially the noise pollution Standards and protocols for IEQ in university should be set as soon as possible suitable to circumstances of the university Improve the capabilities of universities' laboratories, and allow them to serve in academic researches of indoor environment

ACKNOWLEDGMENT Mr. Ahmed Ellouh & Mr. Wael El Madoun who encouraged me to succeed, reviewed my work and helped my

ACKNOWLEDGMENT my mother who encouraged and supported me from the beginning,

ACKNOWLEDGMENT my Uncle Mr. Hateem el-khateeb and his Wife for his help, encouragement and advice.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT my lovely wife for the patience and support shown which provided me the suitable environment to achieve this goal.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT my brothers and sisters whose wisdom and love shaped me as I grew up.

Dedication To the soul of my dear father

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