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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: FranJ_Alston

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: EFFECTIVE WRTING TIPS WRITING: WRITING Writing is a way to express thoughts and feelings in a compelling and creative manner. Writing gives a feeling of contentment and self achievement. NOVICE WRITERS: NOVICE WRITERS Not everybody is naturally a creative writer but novice writers can turn themselves into creative writers by following some easy writing tips that will improve their writing skills. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 1 : CREATIVE WRITING TIP 1 Pay close attention to punctuation marks. All the commas, periods and other punctuations are important to regulate the flow of writing and remove confusion from the text. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 2: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 2 Practice makes man perfect so practice writing everyday. Spare some time everyday and write about anything you like. This improve the flow of thoughts in the mind. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 3: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 3 Do not edit the document while writing. While writing, just concentrate on the thoughts and leave the work of editing for the end. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 4: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 4 If words and thoughts do not flow naturally to the mind then practice writing about a recent book you read. This would improve the writing skills of novice writers. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 5: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 5 The key to be good writer is to read a lot. Indulge in the habit of reading so that the brain is attuned to new thoughts and creative ideas. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 6: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 6 Try to write about things that you have never written before. This could be challenging but would help improve writing skills overtime. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 7: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 7 Always read the document once you have finished writing it. This would not just remove spelling mistakes but also remove any kind of word structure or grammatical errors. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 8: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 8 Always check the structure and tone of your written document. Try to remove any kind of biasness or misleading information from your document. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 9: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 9 The written document should be consolidates and the ideas should not be flowing from one topic to another because it confuses the reader and he losses the interest in reading. CREATIVE WRITING TIP 10: CREATIVE WRITING TIP 10 To be a good writer, learn to take criticism positively because it serves as constructive feedback for improving the writing skills and document.

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