Effective Sales Techniques for Coffee Roasters

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Information about Effective Sales Techniques for Coffee Roasters

Published on May 19, 2007

Author: cafemakers

Source: slideshare.net


Effective Sales Techniques for Coffee Roasters presented by Andrew Hetzel of Cafemakers at the 2007 Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Long Beach, California

Effective Sales Techniques for Coffee Roasters Andrew Hetzel, Cafemakers, LLC and David Haddock, Coffee Hows, Inc.

Act I

Your business sells coffee

Each of us will be faced with a sales encounter sooner or later

Bad salesmanship loses good deals or secures bad ones

Understanding selling makes confident and effective salespeople

A systematic approach to complex sales will help you to succeed

Act II, Scene 1

Successfully executing a losing strategy is futile

To get to where you're going, you need to know where you are

You must define your current position as a business

Evaluate threats and opportunities brought by change and competition

Define your ideal customers and objectives for those customers

Who is evaluating your proposal and what roles do they play?

An economic buyer is the only one that can say “yes”

Users have to live with your products or services every day

Technical influencers evaluate your products or services

Your coach is looking out for you

We all win or nobody does

In a win-win scenario, both parties are satisfied

In a win-lose scenario, you win at the buyer’s expense

In a lose-win scenario, you’re buying the business

In a lose-lose scenario, neither feels good about the sale

Act II, Scene 2

Uncover the situation and buyers’ perception of the situation

The most important sales skill you can develop is your hearing

All decisions are motivated by personal interests

If you listen, they will tell you…

Guide the conversation like a funnel

Confirm that you understand critical elements

Your buyers’ perception determines your approach

Growth buyers want more

Troubled buyers are fleeing pain

Even keel buyers are satisfied with the way things are

Overconfident buyers will not take action

Act II, Scene 3

Tactics: A procedure or set of maneuvers engaged in to achieve an end, an aim, or a goal.

Present your information effectively

Every supporting statement begins with acknowledgement

Support only benefits applicable to the buyer’s interests

Do not support prematurely

Identify any objections and respond to them accordingly

Skepticism requires proof

Misunderstandings should be acknowledged and corrected

Drawbacks should be acknowledged and minimized

Reaching your objective and securing the deal

Define an objective and backup objective for every sales call

Recognize when the sale is ready to proceed

Secure the objective and follow through on commitments

How do we do this in our own organization?


Wrong information + wrong buyers will not make a “right” deal

Treat the sales process with the same care as the roasting process

You can be an accomplished salesperson with practice

A professional sales culture will dramatically increase sales

Andrew Hetzel Cafemakers LLC www.cafemakers.com (808) 443-0290 David Haddock Coffee Hows, Inc. www.coffeehows.com (919) 771-7752

Andrew Hetzel

Cafemakers LLC


(808) 443-0290

David Haddock

Coffee Hows, Inc.


(919) 771-7752

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