Effective Knowledge Management - Crucial for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

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Published on October 9, 2014

Author: IQPCGermany

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How Important is Effective Knowledge Management for the
Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities?

Since the process of decommissioning can take up to 40 years in some cases, it is important that the knowledge from other cases is managed and conserved.
For example:
Before or during the time when a plant is decommissioned operational personnel will leave. However, it is crucial to obtain the knowledge from these experts as well as the ones working directly with the decommissioning and waste management.
Franz Borrmann from the iUS Institut für Umwelttechnologien und Strahlenschutz GmbH elaborates more on the importance of effective knowledge management in this interview: http://bit.ly/Borrmann_Interview_Slideshare

1. Effective Knowledge Management - Crucial for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities IQPC’s 3rd International Nuclear Decommissioning Summit is all about identifying strategies and technologies for cost and time effective business cases. Franz Borrmann, Managing Director at iUS Institut für Umwelttechnologien und Strahlenschutz GmbH, will share his expertise on-site in his presentation on “Knowledge Management for Decommissioning”. We had the chance to talk to him before the event, read the full interview with Franz Borrmann here! IQPC: You will be giving a presentation on knowledge management for decommissioning. Can you outline why it is important to not only possess knowledge but to manage it effectively? Franz Borrmann: Decommissioning of a nuclear facility can be a quite lengthy process. For some of the complex reprocessing facilities, a timespan of some 80 years is taken into account. Even decommissioning of a standard nuclear power plant usually takes 10-20 years. Knowledge can only actively be conserved, by using and managing it. This is especially the case for knowledge that is only partially in the form of abstract knowledge but also in the form of tacit knowledge. In some cases (especially if there were accidents or incidents during operation) the operational experience is of special value. But many of the operational personnel will leave before or during decommissioning. Therefore it might be interesting to retrieve and to conserve their knowledge in time. IQPC: Why is it important to assess the relevance of decommissioning knowledge? Isn’t all knowledge relevant for NPP owners? Franz Borrmann: Yes, of course. Nevertheless the knowledge necessary for decommissioning is not the same as for operation. During operation you need knowledge about the status and the behaviour of the plant, during decommissioning you need knowledge about contamination, about activation, about structural and material data. Additionally, decommissioning projects tend to involve many subcontractors for specialised tasks. These need both to use the plant knowledge and to share their own special knowledge in order to complete the task. IQPC: Can and should nuclear energy producers afford to have their own specialists in a closed micro-cosmos or is there added value in open exchange of skills and knowledge? Franz Borrmann: Probably both is true. A specialist being involved in the actual decommissioning project and interacting with the plant and external personnel will be necessary to set up a knowledge management system and to assist in maintaining it. Some of the knowledge you may not want to share, some might be plant-specific. In many cases it has been shown that extended efforts, for example in 3-D-modelling pay off. Nevertheless the interaction with others and with the international decommissioning community is fruitful and may generate added value. The IAEA, for example,hosts on the connect platform under the auspices of the International Decommissioning Network (IDN) a wiki approach for decommissioning technologies www.nuclear-decommissioning.com Expert Interview

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