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Published on April 16, 2010

Author: MorseLife

Source: authorstream.com

The Effective Manager Series: The Effective Manager Series The Power of Persuasion Delegation HIGHLY Effective Manager’s Toolbox: Effective Manager’s Toolbox The Takeaways: The Takeaways Greater productivity Less stress Empowered, engaged employees Stronger teams What is Delegation?: What is Delegation? The act of effectively assigning task responsibility and authority to others. -or, in other words- The act of getting things done by leveraging the time and work of others. Why Don’t we Delegate?: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Why Don’t we Delegate? “If I give away my responsibility, I might be seen as unnecessary.” “Hey, this is what got me here. I’m not about to let it go.” PowerPoint Presentation: A Common Example Are You Delegating Enough?: Are You Delegating Enough? Do you allow your team members to make mistakes? Do you frequently take work home or work late? Does your team function smoothly in your absence? PowerPoint Presentation: Because you are not an island. Because your people want to learn and grow. So you can focus on higher-priority items. To facilitate succession planning and organizational improvement. Why should I delegate my work? My folks seem pretty busy already. PowerPoint Presentation: Things you dislike. Things your people like to do. Things they are good at. Things that will make them better. Ok, I get it. But I have a lot of responsibility. What are the best things to delegate? PowerPoint Presentation: Analyze your job. Make a list of tasks. Do not delegate the two or three most important things. What should be delegated? Can anyone else do this task? Who is the best match? This sounds good so far, but I can’t just delegate anything to anyone, right? PowerPoint Presentation: State your need for help. Explain why you chose them. Ask for their acceptance. (3a. Include the end result.) That’s great! But how do I make them want to do it? PowerPoint Presentation: Clarify the details. Discuss time and quality standards. Implement a follow-up schedule. Offer “assistance”. OK, but how do I ensure they are successful? Don’t Forget These Three Things: Don’t Forget These Three Things Delegation… Provides Authority Demands Accountability Requires Planning The Takeaways: The Takeaways Greater productivity Less stress Empowered, engaged employees Stronger teams

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