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Information about Effective Communication

Published on December 31, 2013

Author: lionnagaraju

Source: slideshare.net


slideshow on the what, why and how of communication.

Effective Communication mnRAJU

Activity 2 Know each other (name, profession, interests, likes, ambition) mnRAJU

What do you expect to learn?  What is communication?  Why effective communication?  Tips for effective communication  Effectively communicate via email  3 Use social media to communicate mnRAJU

What is Communication? 4 (Group Discussion) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Is it one-sided or two-way? Is it intentional or unintentional? Does it use conventional or unconventional signals? Does it use linguistic or non-linguistic forms? Is it through spoken, written or other modes? What does it require? When is it complete? mnRAJU

What is Communication? 5  the intentional or unintentional exchange of thoughts, messages, or information between two or more living beings through conventional or unconventional signals, linguistic or non-linguistic forms, and through spoken or other modes.  requires a sender, a message, and a recipient.  is complete once the receiver understands the sender's message. mnRAJU

Activity 6 Why communication fails? (pass a message from one to one) mnRAJU

Why Effective Communication?  To share information, to convince  To understand people better  To strengthen relationships  To succeed in career & life  To resolve difference, to build trust  7 To create caring environments mnRAJU

Crucial Skill 8 Communication mnRAJU

Means of Communication Body Language Speaking Audio Visual Signals 9 Writing mnRAJU

10 Styles of Communication Self Assessment Become aware of your style and preferences Are you aggressive, passive or assertive? Are you a driver, socializer, relater or thinker? mnRAJU

Know this! 11  People are made up of all four styles  The world is incredibly diverse – be flexible  Mixing different styles strengthens effectiveness  Have mutual respect and trust  Be willing to adapt to situations  Ideas don‟t change - how we present them changes mnRAJU

Skill -1 12 Listen & Observe  Show interest  Focus fully on the speaker   Make the speaker feel heard & understood Avoid interrupting mnRAJU

Effective Communication 13 Starts with Listening Talking 30% Reading 16% Listening 45% Writing 9% mnRAJU

Activity 14 Form pairs  Role plays   Good listening  Poor listening mnRAJU

Active Listening  Actively absorbing information  Showing that you are interested  Providing feedback  Asking questions  15 Using the right body language mnRAJU

Skill -2 16 Show  Body Language  Facial expression, body movement, gesture, eye contact, posture, tone of your voice  Match  Be relaxed  Nod to support, appreciate, accept  Open  No with what you say posture, no hand clasping, arm fidgeting nervous ticks mnRAJU

Activity  17 Stand tall  Stand  Stand on heels, stretch arm above on one leg, form a „v‟ with hands mnRAJU

Non Verbal Communication Hearing 18 Smelling Seeing Tasting Touching mnRAJU

Skill -3 19 Be Attentive  Speak straight / don‟t be vague  Avoid long drawn out stories  Clarify when necessary  Practise active listening  Learn to say “NO” mnRAJU

Learn to APPRECIATE  Praise liberally  Criticize sparingly  Avoid criticizing, judging  Don‟t make people feel bad  Show common sense  20 Be courteous mnRAJU

Think Positive  Focus on things you are good at  Be grateful for your blessings  Be optimistic  21 Don‟t let your brain become a dumpyard mnRAJU

Skill -4 22 Nine Cs • Be Correct • Be Concrete • Be Complete • Be Coherent • Be Concise • Be Credible • Be Clear • Be Creative • Be Courteous mnRAJU

Skill -5 23 Practice, practice, practice mnRAJU

Bad e-mail 24  Bad Language/tone/courtesy  Poor spelling/grammar/punctuation  Unwelcome sarcasm/humor  ALL CAPS  Small, unreadable font, color  Distracting design mnRAJU

e-mail Guidelines 25 1. Use Reply to All, CC & BCC carefully  Only if everybody knows everybody 2. Precise subject line  What is your mail about? Like a book title 3. Neat formatting 4. Avoid abbreviations 5. Mention your name mnRAJU

e-mail Guidelines 26 7. Clear and concise 8. Proper spelling & grammar 9. Courtesy and tone 10. Be timely 11. Consider cultural differences mnRAJU

Social Media 1. Are you active on social media? 2. Which is your favorite medium? Why? 3. How frequently do you use social media? 4. 27 Why do you use social media? (to share information, ideas, news, events and media online; to connect with people anywhere and anytime) mnRAJU

What you have learned?  What is communication?  Why effective communication?  Tips for effective communication  Effectively communicate via email  28 Use social media to communicate mnRAJU

Thank You 29 This slideshow is available at www.authorstream.com/tag/lionnagaraju www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju Send your comments to lionnagaraju@gmail.com mnRAJU

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