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Published on March 6, 2014

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INTRODUCTION Efes Beverage Group Strenghts Weakness Opportunities Vision and Mission Products and Brands Future Strategies in Market Conclusion

Efes Beverage Group • Efes Beverage Group formed in 1969 with 2 beer production factories.(İzmir and İstanbul) • Now Efes has 14 beer factories (5 Turkey 9 abroad) in 5 countries,and 6 malt factories. • As the 8th most popular European brand by sales volume and the 5th largest European brewer on combined production basis, the company owns a cumulative capacity of 34 million hectoliters, and six maltings with a combined capacity of 236,500 tonnes. The group is 12th rank in the world beer market. • Efes beverage group is the sixth largest European brewer oncombined production basis. • There are 220 exclusive dealers countrywide, and 31 exclusivedistributers in 6 metropolitan areas.

Strenghts • Europe’s sixth largest beer producer. • Most recognized brand in Turkey, 100% awareness among Turkish consumers. • Has international high quality and wide range of products. • Sector is transparent and consolidated. They don’t have to deal with 4-5 companies. • In terms of illegal production, it is very hard to imitate beer, unlike raki and wine.

Weakness • Hardly to find suitable barley for beer production. • Beer consumption per capita is very low in Turkey. • It is very hard to introduce new products to the market because of the TV&Radio advertisement restrictions.

Opportunities • Having well developed distribution system it is easy to introduce new products. • Turkey has a young population. • Market share increase opportunity in the abroad operations, especially in Russia.

Vision and Mission • Their Vision To become the most admired beer company in the markets they operate. • Their Mission They help people enjoy life better through the responsible enjoyment of their products.

Products and Brands • Efes produces several other beers, including Efes Dark (double-roasted malt lager with 6.5% alcohol and hints of caramel), Efes Light (a 122.7-calorie and 3.0% ABV take on the original), Efes Xtra (7.5 % ABV lager), Efes Ice (a softer, more aromatic, ice-brewed version with 4.2% alcohol), and Efes Dark Brown (a 6.1% ABV double-roasted malt lager with a distinct coffee and chocolate bouquet). All Efes products sold in Turkey use High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Products and Brands • Other brands under the Efes Beverage Group are Gusta (5.0% ABV), the company's wheat beer brand; Mariachi, under which the lime or agave-flavored beers Mariachi (4.2% ABV) and Mariachi Black (6.0% ABV) are produced; Marmara, under which the strong-beers Marmara Kırmızı (6.1% ABV) and Marmara Gold (4.1% ABV) are produced; and Ritmix, the company's line of fruit-flavored, non-alcoholic malt drinks. • Various international brands have been brewed, marketed and distributed in Turkey through Efes Beer Group in recent years, including Miller Genuine Draft as of 2000, Beck's as of May 2002, and Foster's Lager as of March 2005.

Products and Brands • In international markets, the Efes product line, the company offers a wide variety of local brands with different tastes and appeal. Currently, these are Stary Melnik, Bely Medved, Gold Mine Beer, Sokol, Krasny Vostok, Vostochnaya Bavaria, Zhigulevskoe, Polniy Nokaut, Green Beer, Dolce Iris, Sib-Beer, Yantarnoe, Solodov, Ershistoe, Barkhatnoe, Bogemskoe svetloe, Ak Bars, in RUSSIA; Karagandinskoe in KAZAKHSTAN; Chisinau, Vitanta Premium Classic in MOLDOVA; Weifert, Weifert Belo, Pils Plus, Zajecarsko Pivo and Standard in SERBIA .Such local brands continue to contribute to the company's international revenue stream. • Efes Beverage group further produces German Warsteiner, Dutch Bavaria Premium and Amsterdam Navigator, Czech Zlatopramen and Mexican Sol under licence in Russia.

Future Strategies in Market Turkish Market • • • • INCREASE THE MARKET SHARE BY ENLARGING THE TURKISH BEER MARKET WHILE MAINTAINING THE PROFITABILITY. Enlargement and diversification of the beer consumption area, like sports games, jazz/blues organizations etc. Continue with the Pub improvement project. Changing the concepts of traditional Turkish Pubs into modern and civilized environments where people share their best times. Clean, fashionable, and entertaining. By this, also woman will be targeted as a new customer type. Efes has to increase the woman’s beer consumption amount within the total consumption. Continue with effective portfolio management of brands and Channels.

Future Strategies in Market International Market • Increasing the presence in the current markets, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Georgia and Serbia – Ex. By 2012 Efes plans to increase its market share in Russia from 9% to 15%. • Analyze potential markets and continue the international expansion.

Conclusion Efes Pilsen is the largest beer company in Turkey.I gave some information about this company.I talked about their background,their products,their brands and their future strategies.

Thanks For Listening.

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