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Published on November 11, 2018

Author: ofigura


Book Drive & shared Reading: Book Drive & shared Reading Olivia Figuraoliviafigura@knights.ucf.eduSeptember 1, 2018-November 1, 2018EEX 4070-Teaching Exceptional Students Teachers In Action: Teachers In Action Teachers in Actions is an organization that encourages teachers to get out in their community and help in meaningful service-learning activities. TIA has been funded by various grants such as one by Learn and Serve America. Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities This purpose of this drive was to raise books for schools in Brevard County who had limited books and/or could not afford new books for classroom libraries.Students, families, and teachers of all ages contacted me and got together to raise money for book and donate books.This book drive lasted a month long and as a community we gathered over $300 worth books.I then chose one school and went in to read books to the students. Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics People from every walk of life donated books and money for kids. I then got to read a handful of books to a class of students and participate in D.E.A.R. (drop every thing and read) time with them.Age: All agesDiversity: Varying ethnities and heritagesTypes of Disabilities: hearing impairments, ASD, down syndrome, and other cognitive and physical disabilities. Service Action: Service Action Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences Connecting to Classroom: Connecting to Classroom I completed this project for my EEX-teaching exceptional students class at UCF.Throughout this experience I have gained more knowledge and/or a better understanding of:working with kids with disabilitiesThe planning it takes to raise books for childreninteracting with children of all different backgroundshow to work with all types of students to become a better educator Civic Engagement : Civic Engagement This process has made my heart so happy. It feels good to help others and to give back to the community. The smile on the students’ faces when I gave them books or read their new books to them was priceless. Those faces are what I will cherish forever. I highly encourage everyone to reach out in their community and volunteer in some way. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction that nothing else can compare to. Final Thoughts: Final Thoughts I really enjoyed this experience. It helped me bring joy to students in classrooms, but also helped prepare me for my future teaching career.The opportunity to read to children and make their day better is something I will not soon forget. It is my goal to continue to volunteer and make changes like this in my community, especially as an educator.

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