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Published on November 20, 2007

Author: Davidson


Esai en Roi:  Esai en Roi Esai en Roi:  Esai en Roi 1998-2005 Thessalonikis’ Cultural Organization Non Govermental Organization FOR EVER IN FLOW FOREVER IN MOTION Ideology:  Ideology Performing and Conjectural Arts combination is the core of Esai en Roi Company (EER). Members of EER Association are young people studying on Fine Arts and older experienced artists. ΕΕR:  ΕΕR EER is working as Art Research Platform, aiming at new styles of Performing Arts. Original ways of expression are promoted, art-collective projects are encouraged. EER is a result of pation for creativity and the voluntary participation of amateurs and professional artists. As it concerns the inner cohesion of EER members, although the financial and social problems are still in life, the tension to progress is stronger and much more livestock. An idea about our actions :  An idea about our actions Assemblies every 2 months Info about Arts in the City Artistic events for the honored members of EER An idea about our actions :  An idea about our actions Participation in local cultural activities of similar organizations, concerning arts. Organizing local competitions, festivals An idea about our actions:  An idea about our actions Dancetheater performacnes Programm Youth, Action 1 Info (concerning Arts) to the local community and youth Interested in cooperation with other companies and organizations Media Sponsors:  Media Sponsors Every year we are renewing our cooperations, as it concerns our Supporters (public authorities) Sponsors (Companies) Media Sponsors (TVs, newspapers, magazines, radio) 1997-98:  1997-98 23.12.97 Last Tango | 5’ | Indoor performance. 30.5.98 Festival of General Aerobiks & Dance | 5’ | Indoor event. 17.09.98 Magic Night in Forest | 1h 30’ |, Platanakia Panoramatos. Opendoor perfornace. 1999:  1999 12-17.03.99 Signs and Wonders | 2h | Theater ANeton, COoperation with the Bald Theater of Aristoteles University. Indoor performance. 27.05.99 Signs and Wonders | 1h 30’ |, Students’ Week, Aristoteles University. Indoor performance. 27.09.99 Artistic Controversies, Theater Aneton, Cooperation with a famous Greek Comedian, Natasa Gerasimidou. Indoor performance. 18.12.99 EER Classics, | 20’ | Philanthropic Performance in the old “Palace” of Thessaloniki. Indoor performance. 2000:  2000 03.02.00 Αventis | 20’ |, for Aventis, an International flower-medicine Company. Opendoor Performance, on hip “Kivotos” at Thermaikos Kolpos. 24.06.00 «We Sing and Dance for Panorama». Coopeartion with a local Association of Panorama. Opendoor activity at the Cine Panorama. 2001:  2001 20-21.02.01 Placebo, Theater Aneton 27.04.01 Χατζηδάκις, Public theater of Xanthi. Hatzidakis Festival (7 days duration). 29.04.01 International Day of Dance, Dance-Meeting of the Dance gorups of Thessaloniki 2002:  2002 02.02.2002 Hatzidakis, Hotel Nefeli, organized by Eksoraistic Association of Panorama. 07.06.2002 Out of Control, Theater Aneton. Month of Dance. Organized by a Dance Association. 2003:  2003 21-27 of June Σουτσεάβα Ρουμανίας, Σεμινάριο Δράσης 1, Πρόγραμμα Νεολαία. 29 August - 6 September SMALL BUCOVINA, Youth Exchange. Assisting with participation another organization project: BUcurest, brasov, Soutseava, Bucovina 16-21 Σπετεμβρίου στο Orebro - Sweden, Seminar of Action 1, Concerning Deaf Youth and Arts . 2003:  2003 13.06.2003 Festival of Dance Aerobiks 19.06.2003 «Triple la vie» Amphitheater of Panorama. The performance was cancelled Beacuase of the bad weather. 23.06.2003 «Triple la vie». Artistic June of Pylea. Opendoor theater of Pylea. 27.06.2003 “Hatzidakis¨ , participating to ELlimiada Festival. 08.07.2003 “Hatzidakis¨ , : Saphire ship, in the name of the brothership? between Greece and Cyprous 2004:  2004 27-28 of March Award Terpsichore 2004 to Dino Fanara Choreographer. 2004:  2004 27-28-3-2004 _ «Rotten Apple» Theater Aneton 29 Απριλίου_ Parts from «Rotten Apple» . Participating to the International Day of Dance organized by and staged on the Public theater of North Greece. 25 Ιουνίου _ «Rotten Apple» Opendoor Theater of Pylea. 10 day festival 2004:  2004 March 2004 Euromed Platform – Meeting in Amman, Jordan 4-12 of September Alternatives Υοuth Exchange “Artistic Contamination”, Vercelli, Italy. Presenting the choreography ALTERNATIVES Youth Festival of Dance Even for June arranged, was cancelled because of low participation of young artists 2005:  2005 7th of May «Swell», Theater Aneton. Award Terpsichore 2005 To Saridou Elena. 2005:  2005 13th-15th of May Advanced Planning Visit Folklore meets Progressive. 19th-27th of June Euromeditteranean Youth Exchange “Folklore Meets Progressive” (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tynesia, Palestine, Lithuania, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Poland). 25th-30th of September Representatives of EER attending a seminar located to Zakopana of Poland, named as “How to be a good partner” Contact:  Contact PoBox 21501 55210 Panorama Thessaloniki Located to Thessaloniki & Saint Pavlos & Panorama Contact:  Contact

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