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Published on March 12, 2014

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Computers as Information and Communication Technology Lesson IX:

 First invention of printing press.  Second, the introduction of libraries  Third, the invention of the computer, especially the microcomputer in 1975.

 Educators saw the amplification of learning along computer literacy.  In reading, the modern student can now interact with computer commands.  In writing, the learner can form a messages using computer language or program.

•Introduced using the principle of individualized learning through a positive climate. •The novelty of CAI has not waned to this day especially in the basic eduaction.

Is so dynamic that within the first decade of the 21th century, computer technology in education has matured to transform into an educative information and communication technology ICT in education.

The PC Communicati on Media Audiovisual media (Multimedia) Text, sound, graphics, chart, photos Powerpoint presentation CD, VCD, DVD player CDVCD, DVD player Educational software (Internet) Educational websites Softwares, courewares School registration/records accounting (Internet) E-mail (text and video) Chat rooms Blog sites News services (print,video clips) Music/movie/telvision room

The Personal Computer (PC) as ICT

Consist of audio-visual aids that served to enhance and enrich the teaching-learning process.

 Comprise the media of communication to audiences including learners using the print, film, radio, television or the computer system.

 Microsoft Office- program for composing text, graphics, photos into letters, articles, reports  Powerpoint- for preparing lecture presentations  Excel- for spreadsheets and similar graphic sheets  Internet Explorer- access to the Internet

 Yahoo or Google- websites; e-mail, chat rooms, Blog sites, news service (print/video) educational softwares  Adobe Reader- graphs/photo composition and editing  MSN- Mail/chat messaging

 Windows media player- CD, VCD player  Cyberlink Power- DVD player  Windows media player- editing film/video  GameHouse- Video games

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