Educational clubs in schools promote learning

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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: oakridgint



School is referred to as a place where every pupil receives education in order to grow up to become a successful person in life

EDUCATIONAL CLUBS IN SCHOOLS PROMOTE LEARNING School is referred to as a place where every pupil receives education in order to grow up to become a successful person in life. According to the statistics recovered about the education sector in India, these days schools are trying to focus on the all-round development of the child by trying to introduce different types of clubs or associations that deals with interesting aspects of studies. Education is not necessarily given through books, it can be imparted to children by engaging them in different types of educational activities, which are not only interesting but are equally beneficial for the learning process of children. For example; the literary association has the prime objective of guiding the students who are more interested in activities like haiku, which is a Japanese form of poetry writing and includes only ten lines. Then there are other activities like flash fiction, where imagery is presented before the student and a complete story has to present in only one sentence of five words at the maximum. There are other challenging yet exciting facets which are attached to such form of associations. The prime purpose of these associations is to train the interested students to take part in competitions conducted within the school, after which the best performer is given the opportunity of going on a inter school level, or probably even national, or international level to compete with other students. Sometimes, we tend to wrap ourselves in the cocoon of studies, tuitions and homework that we often forget that life exists apart from these few elements in our lives. In such instances, or teachers, parents and mentors should step in as guiding lights to nurture and enlighten the little one’s on exciting take on life. Every child should be introduced to a fun side of studies, where they learn a lot more than bookish knowledge. It is a place where most students gain attributes such as confidence, wit, humour, and many other qualities that will be helpful for them in the long run. The education system in India is so monotonous and repetitive that children tend to get bored very easily, as a result there are more dropouts every year because of lack of interest in the studies, hence the system should be reinvented and certain changes should be brought about within the purview of Indian education system to bring back the enthusiasm with the students and also the zeal to perform excellently both academically and non- academically.

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