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Published on January 9, 2010

Author: paviter



Created for a presentation on 9 Jan 2010

Education 3.0 : Using Web 2.0 tools what is the big deal??

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The Future of Education The Internet is becoming a platform for unparalleled creativity.

The Future of Education Our students are the ones responsible for creating the new content of the WEB.




Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Reading Contributing Receiving Collaborating Researching Creating

Web 2.0 Trends that will have a profound impact on education A new publishing revolution A culture of openness A tidal wave of information A culture of participation Mass customization The age of the collaborator The world - atter & faster The web - a conversation The power of social networking

The Future of Education Information is changing WHERE and HOW we learn is changing

The Future of Education If we don’t integrate the tools effectively... Formal education will become increasingly irrelevant

Pedagogical capabilities of engagement collaboration creativity authenticity openness personal expression discussion participation proactivity passionate interest access to information critical thinking adapted from presentation by Steve Hargadon

Our Objective consider how we can introduce a tool learned today back in school Google Apps wordle

Google Apps Step 1: Sign in / create an account

Google Apps Step 2: Google Sites

Google Apps

Google Apps Step 3: Google Custom Search

Google Apps Step 4: Google Docs Google Spreadsheets Google Presentation Google Forms

Google Apps psho oting /sna nyu http://ti

Google Apps Back-end Spreadsheet view

wordle Ask students to read a text for example MLK Jr.'s "I have a Dream"

wordle Get students to work in groups to write a short summary of and reaction to the text Possible prompts include: Before reading the full text, read the title and predict what you think the text is about?...what makes you think it's about this? What do you think the title refers to? What image does it evoke? What do you think the text is about? What does the title refer to? What did you think of the text? What sort of reaction does it evoke in you? What were some of the ideas or images in the text that stay in your mind? Why do you think these images stayed in your mind?

wordle Have students follow the Step- by-step Wordle guide on to create a wordle of their summary / re ections Have students print out their wordles and post them around the room. Have them walk around the room and comment on each others' wordles using post-its. Show them the wordle of the actual text

wordle Ask students to walk around the room again and compare/contrast their wordles to these wordles: What do you notice? How similar were your summary/re ection wordles to these wordles? What do you think accounts for the similarities and differences? In your estimation, how well do these wordles convey the meaning and message of these texts? Synthesis: What might you add, change or revise in your summary/ re ection after this activity? Why? Re ection: How did you determine what was important to include in your summary/ re ection? How accurate where your determinations in your estimation? Are there any other strategies you might have used in this activity?

download the step-by-step guide (

Set up a diigo account, and create a group for your class. Select a text that you might have students read closely or select a few different texts at different reading levels for differentiation Add them to your own library and then share them to the class group you created. For yourself: practice highlighting on post-it notes described in the step-by-step guide ( Create a few mini-lessons

Summarize ect... if we can introduce a tool learned today back in school Google Apps wordle

The Future of Education If we don’t integrate the tools effectively... Formal education will become increasingly irrelevant

Education 3.0 : Using Web 2.0 tools what is the big deal??

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