EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Vidyulata Panchal

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Information about EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Vidyulata Panchal

Published on December 30, 2016

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. Pedagogy Meaning: It is the method, practice and art of teaching. It includes the ways of how best to teach. Range from liberal to vocational education. Acquisition of specific skills.

2.  Methodology of teaching: According to the levels of intelligence  Techniques to manage learning activities.  Good classroom teaching always rewarded.  Profession of a teacher.  Learning through action, observation and experience.

3. Sr. No. Problem Identified by Measuring tool 1. Handwriting •Daily Observation •Checking Notebooks Most of the times remain distracted. Hates writing tasks, take others help to write, sudden change in behaviour. 2. Less Attendance • Constant monitoring • Attendance record. Most of the times learner is interested in other subject rather than studies, Parents involvement, Incomplete homework. 3. Inability to concentrate in the class • Observation Passive Participation Less learning attitude Emotional and Family problems. Communication gap. Weak foundation.

4. Sr. No. Problem Identified by Measuring tool 4. Kinaesthetic learner disturbs the class. • Mentoring and observation talkative nature, Make funny thing and create sounds in the class. Like to learn by doing something new. Unstable, extra energetic, good at grasping. 5. Assignment completion • discontinuity to write the homework, daily observations Irregular to the school, Face difficulty, forgetfulness, loves only to read. Lack of sincerity and hard work. 6. Scoring less marks in maths • Evaluation (CCE) Most of the times score well in languages, good at speaking, Lagging in specific skills of maths. Remembers enough vocabulary at a time. 7. Language (I to IV) • Evaluation Most of the learners need translation method to understand properly.

5.  Find out the linguistic, logical- mathematical, Musical, kinaesthetic and interpersonal intelligent learners in a class and provide respective opportunities according to the levels of intelligence. 

6.  Skilful Mentoring for students and parents.  Motivational programmes and prizes.  Connecting learning objectives to the student’s life.  Appropriate use of Teaching Aids & technology.  Student’s participation in competitive Exams.  Good discipline and healthy atmosphere.

7.  School provide the bank of knowledge which helps learner to create own image in society.  Student identify the academic challenges and solve by himself.  Student understand his /her unique interest in related subject.  Student growth in personality development .  Student will be tested every age group.  Student build self confidence .  Development of Scientific and competitive attitude.  Students fix target according to the interest.

8.  Summary Thanks English H.O.D Vidyulata Panchal R.M. Shah Public School - Indi

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