EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Rohit Pande

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Information about EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Rohit Pande

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. A conversation around Technology in schools By ROHIT PANDE Founder -Classteacher Learning systems

2. What have we done so far • Core teaching in classroom • Assessments • Home-school communication • Labs

3. What has the experience been thus far ? • Are smart boards smart enough or starting to become boring by themselves ? • Have you tried tablets ? • Can we feel the difference ?

4. What did we expect from edtech • Tools and productivity and choices for teachers. Has it saved time for teachers ? • Better learning outcomes – Do we have the evidence beyond anecdotal ? • Personalization to each students style and level. • Came as a deluge from vendors and experts, got no time to evaluate properly

5. Making classrooms SMART again • Move forward from the drill of showing repetitive multi-media • Is technology still a barrier for the teacher- student conversation ? • Has everyone become passive ? How to get them to be active again ? • So, whats the vision now for the classroom of the future ? - Paperless or thoughtless

6. Is the mobile phone a game changer • Have we leveraged the teacher mobile properly for attendance , assessment, communication, Lesson planning, Teacher Training • Real time observations and behavior tracking • Teacher mobile to Parent mobile: Alerts and notifications • Parent-Parent connect:Whatsapp • Student tablets and selective use of student mobiles for collaboration

7. An app for everything • Whatsapp or a dedicated app • Creating structured conversations between stakeholders • Multiple apps,videos,websites to operate in a single shell. • Sharing best practices across the curriculum

8. What are the lessons learnt ? • Pilot first or in one go • Primary or Secondary ? • Mobile driven platforms

9. How to measure success ? • Student learning levels • Teacher feedback • Success in communication to all stakeholders • Leadership in innovation vs following others.

10. What new is brewing around us ?

11. • Field trips • Virtual Master classes • Augmented worksheets/colouring books/flash cards/posters/blocks VR and AR

12. Gamification • Catching learners where they are • Online collaboration

13. Can bots augment teachers • Can robots become teaching assistants ? • Substitution classes/teacher catering to multiple classrooms

14. 3D printing and tinkering Can every child be a maker? Learning by doing Algorithmic Thinking across the curriculum

15. AI in education - Machine learning • Learning Analytics • Content analytics • Towards personalized learning experiences

16. Involv question : Whats the image which best describes the classroom of the future to you ? • Students in their own world on VR headsets • Each one working on his personalized learning device • AI driven bots moving around providing personalized help to each learner

17. How do we move forward from here carrying everyone along ? • Buy pre-cooked meals or make the dish oneself • Does technology need to be repetitive or creative ? • Can we make the linkage - from Panel to tablet to phone across classrooms and home

18. Involv question At a fundamental level, the success of education technology truly lies in • Understanding each learner better • Creating personalized pathways for every learner to his own style and goal • Helping teachers foster greater communication and engagement with the learners • Helping each child find expression for the inherent creaivity within them ?

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