EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Rashmi Kathuria

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Information about EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Rashmi Kathuria

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. Teaching Learning of Mathematics Changing trends...Creative ways… Rashmi Kathuria, PGT(Mathematics), KHMS, Delhi Anil Kathuria, HOD(Mathematics), DPS, RKP

2. M A T H E M A T I C S

3. Why students fear from learning Mathematics? 1. Mathematics is boring. 2. Understanding of Mathematics takes a lot of time. 3. Scoring good marks is a challenge. 4. Mathematics has no relevance in life. 5. Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry etc. These are too many topics to understand. 6. Mathematics is abstract. Do you agree?

4. Creativity and Innovation? Mathematics is a beautiful Subject full of incredible Creativity. What is Creativity? What is Innovation? Are the two same or different? Do you think creativity is important in teaching? Do you think it is important to innovate new ways of teaching? Why a teacher should be creative?

5. Creativity and Innovation? Creativity means doing things differently. There are diverse learners in a classroom. For catering to needs of all types of learners, a teacher needs to use blended strategies for making them learn and apply Mathematics. Sometimes, it is required to innovate new ways of teaching. Students today are techno savvy and come to classroom with some knowledge.

6. Transaction of Mathematics Content Things to Remember Connection- What? Why? Communication- What? Why? Recapitulation- Reinforcement of concepts Self Practice

7. #1 Connection is Important

8. Connecting with students is key thing. For the effective delivery of content we must first work on establishing a connection with the students. Ideas!!! Warm up activities Involve them in the learning process Let them explain, make questions, plan a quiz, decide homework sometimes

9. Challenges- Teaching effectively-MindSet Create a whole in the page so that an elephant can pass through it.

10. #2 Communication is important What do you think? Teacher has finished the syllabus on time. All students will get success in exam. They will be able to apply Mathematics when in need. What is communication? Whyis it important in the learning process of Mathematics? How to communicate Mathematics?

11. Sentences used while teaching Mathematics... Class 10- While teaching a pair of linear equations in two variables. Topic- Elimination Method 2x+3y=6 …(1) 3x-5y=8….(2) ● Class 6- Constructions Construct a triangle ABC, AB= 6cm, CA=CB= 7cm. ● Class 9- Circles Define a circle.

12. Using different strategies for communicating Mathematics Ideas!!! Using Origami Frayer’s Model- Term, Definition, Example, Non Example Relating with surroundings

13. #3 Recapitulation Ideas!!! Mind Mapping

14. #4 Self Practice Ideas!!! Assignments, Worksheets MCQ Worksheet- Google Forms and assessment via Flubaroo

15. #5 Remediation Ideas!!! Step by step Mind mapping Using Music

16. How? Teach the way students want to learn Tools and techniques Tools are for assessment Techniques are for learning

17. Tools for assessment Assessment How do we get to know whether students are learning/have learnt Mathematics? ● Unit test ● MCQ’s ● Oral test ● They start applying ● They ask questions ● They start reasoning ● They create questions

18. Techniques for learning Visualisation Using different types of papers

19. Techniques for learning Find your Partner Arrange in order

20. Techniques for learning Interactivity- Using dynamic software GeoGebra

21. 21ST CENTURY BUZZ WORDS!! How it is related with Mathematics? What we can do? Why we should do? How to proceed?

22. ICT and Mathematics Creativity Interactivity Imagination Visualisation Collaboration Critical thinking Analysis Connectivity 24x7 ● Using GeoGebra ● Videos ● Figures Speak tasks ● Appreciating Math around activity ● Making Games/Puzzles/Crosswords ● MCQ’s- Google Form and Flubaroo ● Blog ● Wiki ● Website

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